View Camera Magazine - are unfulfilled subscriptions and diabolical customer service the norm?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by garth_charlton|2, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. If you, like me, enjoy large format photography, subscribing to View Camera
    Magazine might seem like a no-brainer. I bought mine last December and after a
    couple of weeks, received the January/Febuary 2007 edition. Little did I know
    they were merely lulling me into a false sense of security.

    Nine months, and five missing copies later I am NOT a happy camper.

    Not one of my emails asking what happened to my subscription has ever been
    answered and the few times I have actually managed to speak to an actual person
    on the telephone, they seemed to go out of their way to be rude and unhelpful.
    And STILL not send me the outstanding magazines! What on earth is going on at

    Has anyone else encountered similar problems with this particular publication,
    or is it just me?
  2. You are not alone! I experienced much of the same for the first year. Rudeness, when finally making contact, was the final nail in the coffin. From my point of view such behavior, in itself, over-shadows late and missing copies. When my subscription ends, so will my patronage. Sad and disappointing isn't it!

  3. I believe the man who publishes the magazine is a regular on APUG - you may want to voice your grievances there, as well.
  4. I have unfortunately experienced the same issues -- which is a real shame since it is (apart from occasional bad proof-reading) a truely great magazine.
  5. I have been a subscriber for 10 years at least. The printer screwed up pages once and one or two times it got lost in the mail. The printer screw up was replaced automatically and the lost copies were replaced without charge.

    I have renewed by phone, fax, and on line and never a problem.

    Try a phone call and talk to a person. E mail is too easily ignored.
  6. For this new subscriber, only one customer service experience, and it was a good one. They
    (Andrea Miles, assistant to the publisher) returned my email promptly and was courteous -
    resolved my issue.
  7. dlw


    I've been a subscriber for the last four years. The only issues I've had have been with subscription renewels. When I called them, they were always helpful and the problems were solved. They've always been courteous, never rude, no drama. BTW, I enjoy the magazine. I've even emailed Steve Simmons about a question on a lens once. He promptly replied with a helpful answer.
  8. I have been a subscriber for at least 10 years. Recently I moved and did not receive an issue. I called Andrea and she immediately mailed me two issues (current and missed issue) and made sure of the address change. I have never had a problem with VCM that was not solved immediately and politely. I would call them instead of e-mail.
  9. I apologize for any problems people are or have had. To straighten things out call us at 800-894-8439 m-f 7-4 mountain time.

    steve simmons
  10. Calling on the phone is usually the most efficient way to get your problem resolved. I'm sure Andrea will be happy to help you out. I've met her in person at the last few View Camera large format conferences. She's quite friendly and always willing and eager to help.

    If you do send email, make sure you get their email address correct. If you send it to, which seems logical, they won't get it. Their correct email address is: (not the absent "e").

  11. I live in Australia. Four years ago I took out a two year subscription to View Camera. The
    postage rate was expensive, as they said it would be sent first class.
    Not one issue ever arrived, and that was after waiting several months after each publishing
    date. I had to email every time and ask for the issue. Most of my emails were ignored, and
    I can assure you all my emails where very polite in just asking "where is my issue". When
    they did reply, they were downright rude.

    So much for the first class postage service they
    made me pay. They never apologised once.
    They now distribute View Camera through a local distributer in Australia. I now get in
    regularly and on time. I don't know why I still buy it after their rudeness, but somehow I
    quite like the magazine. However I am slightly disapointed in the layout, the proof reading,
    and many articles are light on detail.I cannot believe they are still behaving in exactly the
    same way after all these years. They do not deserve patronage, but they still get mine, but
    only just.
  12. Oversaes mail is a problem. We tried several solutions. Findig a distributor in Australia has been the best one and it now works very well. We also have a distributor in the UK and in Europe as well as China.

    We work on our customer service everyday.

    steve simmons
  13. Who is the partner in EU?

  14. Mike Walker

    for the UK and Taos Photographic in France

    for Europe


  15. TAOS has given examplary service and very quick delivery - if you can manage to read the French home page and notification letters.
  16. I cancelled many years ago. Magazines either are not delivered, lost in transit, damaged, or stolen before getting to my house. I had enough. I now buy at chapters, and I can decide if I like it or not. After 25 years of buying magazines you get the feeling that the same stuff is written over and over and over. If there is something in it I can learn, I buy it, if it is the same old goes back on the rack for beginners to appreciate. I now rarely buy any magazine, I got tons to throw out. Also what they charge for some magazines is a joke. I get more value, far more topics discussed, and better info from a quality hardcover book for $70 or more. This looks far nicer in a bookshelf, consumes less space, and it is easier to find information you need later on. Magazines are great for starting camp fires when fishing.
  17. Van Camper's comments are content related and different from the OP issues.

    I understand VCs (Van Camper's, not View Camera) comments, but this is an issue faced by all periodicals and the famed Lenswork is no better in this respect IMO. I'm tired of brown pictures with the same tonality. In this respect, "View Camera" beats "Lenswork". Not to say that "lenswork" isn't as good or better WRT art, but the tone and contrast seem all the same to me.

    Being "fresh" every month or two isn't easy and I'll give "View Camera" a wide berth in that respect.


  18. Steve, View Camera is a good magazine, but it is easier to buy it rather then have it undelivered, damaged by rain, or paying for issues of no interest to me. Problem solved. If they can't deliver, quit, buy at the store the mthly issues and brand of magazines you want, not what they want to give you. There are too many magazines, not practical to buy them all, yet they all once in a while have something interesting. I would rather hand pick the few I want.
  19. "Being "fresh" every month or two isn't easy and I'll give "View Camera" a wide berth in that respect."
    Yeah, okay. I'll do the same. But did anyone out there hate the 4 endless pages of burnt "solar streak" photos, a couple of issues ago, as much us I did. Jeez. I'll take "brown pictures with the same tonality" over that pretentiousness any day of the week. Anyone out there care to defend that nonsense as "art" ?
  20. Bohdan,

    Steve may not define it as art, I may not define it as art, you may nit define it as art and
    yet there are those that do. When we go three issues in a row with nothing except
    portfolios of more or less traditional images then folks who want to see the edgy fringe
    images screech. Of course, when something like the images you refer to are published,
    others shriek. Publishing a magazine is a balancing act. BTW, you'd be surprised at what
    the art community considers art when they are talking about photography. I know I am
    every month when I read magazines such as "Art in America."
  21. OK,, my turn to nitpick. How can 4 pages be endless, the magazine has 72 pages!!!!!

    steve simmons
  22. I guess at some point you just give up but my experience with VCM has always been good. It
    is hard to imagine they are not concerned when a customer experiences poor service. I have
    to believe if you called and talked to someone there you would get a straight up answer. It's a
    fine magazine and a valuable resource for the large format community. Hope you can work
    your problems out.
  23. Hey. For the record: I like your magazine and buy it whenever I can. I just didn't care for those photos. It's all relative anyways - what constitutes "art". I know someone out there was blown away by the solar streaks. The comment I made about those photos was not to insult the magazine as a whole - no doubt it is very hard to select items to publish and it must be a fine balancing act. By the way, thanks for going back to the basics recently and running the article on how to focus a view camera. As a relatively new large format photographer, I found that article very informative and useful. Please don't hesitate to publish similar articles in the future as it's entirely possible that many of your readers fit my profile and aren't necessarily veteran large format shooters. The digital revolution has driven the cost of equipment down so much that a number of us are now able to afford to play with bigger cameras. And we like it!
  24. On "what constitutes art": No one is going to like hearing this bit of truth, but good art, as
    opposed to lousy art, is the result of EXTENSIVE education in the formal elements of art,
    the nuts and bolts and joists and beams and foundation. It is not much different from
    building an enormous bridge or a highrise tower. You want an engineer who understands
    all things structural. Art SHOULD be no different. If you find yourself saying "all I know is
    what I like," then we don't want you building our bridge or highrise. Good art - even if
    none of it is recognizable at first, like a pure abstract - will cleverly and successfully
    achieve the difficult-to-achieve command of all the formal elements of art, which is
    impossible (consistently, that is) without an intense and extensive education of what that
    means. A Pollock, for example (if a knowledgeable person looks closer) nails, and I mean
    nails, the the various light levels one would see in nature at a given time of day - much
    like the zone system. The rules of composition are expedited flawlessly. Know the rules
    of composition and you become a Pollock fan. The fact that the resulting picture is not
    recognizable - and makes laymen grumble - actually incites intellectual cuiosity for the
    art-educated. And intellectual curiosity is at the core of entertainment for an art-
    educated mind. Good art, even though it at first seems "weird" or "ridiculous", is made by
    an engineer, so to speak, and cannot be ridiculed without making the ridiculer reveal his/
    her ignorance.

    I did not see the solar streaks, but I did want to comment on the gist of the responses to
    it. I certainly don't advocate that we all become intensely art-educated. I only advocate
    that we do not grumble with authority until we FULLY understand composition, light and
    shadow relationships, and color science at the very least. The "all I know is what I like"
    approach comes from those who view art through the amber walls of their own colon.
  25. As a longtime subscriber to VC I have followed this thread (and others like it) and must say
    that I think Steve and his staff are doing a fine job. No, the editing isn't like The New
    Yorker but I can forgive them the typos, etc. because, with every issue, I get exposed to
    what is going on currently in the world of large format photography. There have been
    times when I saw a portfolio that I didn't like but, at the very least, the work made me
    rethink what I consider to be art or photography or simply trash. BUT AT LEAST IT MADE
    ME THINK! And perhaps it gave me an idea that I could pursue in my own work. View
    cameras (the actual cameras, not the magazine) are possibly the most anachronistic way to
    take a photograph here at the beginning of the digital millenium. And yet View Camera
    Magazine shows us, on a regular basis, that photographers are using view cameras in
    many different and interesting ways.

    On a personal note I had a problem with getting my issues right after Katrina. I called
    Andrea at the VC office and she rerouted my issues to my brother's business until our mail
    service got back up and running on a consistent basis. She was most kind and expressed
    her sympathy for what we were going through in New Orleans. I will never forget her
    kindness. At this past VC conference in Louisville I had a chance to meet her and Steve.
    They were very busy and we didn't have a chance to really chat but I look forward to seeing
    them again at next year's conference.

    All of this is to say that yes, the editing could be improved and you may not like
    everything in every issue but, I, for one, am grateful that the magazine even exists this day
    and age. Keep up the good work Steve.

  26. Keith,
    A lot more laymen than perhaps you would like to believe are fairly well-versed in "composition, light and shadow relationships" - especially in this forum. And though not "artists" as you are, they have earned the right to "grumble with authority". "The gist" of your post above appears to be that people ought to defend all art (even works they haven't seen) since if they disagree with or "not like" something, they belong to some sort of ignorant class of art consumer who, in your words, "view art through the amber walls of their own colon." Perhaps a little displaced anger, Keith?
  27. My experience has been pretty good. The few times i had a problem, I called and it was resolved pretty quickly.
  28. Hi there

    I had a sub for which I received only 2 issues, even tho I was promised more when I phoned.

    I am now in China on an ExPat assignemnt and would like to know the name and contact info of the Chinese distributor. Any Help?

  29. Bohdan, looking at art for so long now has taught me that things are often not as they
    seem. This is one good example. I believe that art is not holy and I believe that art should
    certainly not be defended at all costs. I'm about to drop my subscription to Artforum after
    many years because I've had enough of the pretense. Artworld is a petty place for egos
    who worship adoration and status and now they're even trying to ease into pedaphilia as
    the new means to shock the viewer. So I'm gone. No more for me. Just letting you know
    this so you can get a feel for how little I care about defending art for art's sake. Having
    said that, my point still rings true - we should not shun art without first understanding it.
    On another note, it sounds like you have previous experience with "displaced anger." Of
    all the infinite possibilities for my response, your mind chose the one most familiar.
  30. I was out of line, however, in assuming that someone did not understand recent art well
    enough to grumble about it. That was a dumb assumption for me to make. My deepest,
    sincerest apologies. I am guilty of my own accusations!

    Let's get back to discussing that which helps us take better pictures ...
  31. Mr. Simmons' quick response to these issues on this forum prompted me to purchase a 2 year subscription and Technique II book. I look forward to my 1st issue, I assume it will be Jan 2008.
  32. If you subscribe by 12 noon Tuesday the 6th New Mexico time your sub will start with the Nov/Dec 07 issue. for paypal

    800-894-8439 within the us 505-899-8054 from outside the US plus the US country code


    steve simmons
  33. I think its unfair to attack a publication based on chosen content, especially when its something like LF photography, very niche oriented. I commend Steve for attempting to bring in some "new blood" by showing more "off the wall" or "edgy" stuff, like the solarized images (which by the way were NOT my cup of tea either). I don`t know what VCM`s customer service is like, but I think if someone has an issue with it, that's one thing - but throwing your views on the subjective qualitites (such as relevance of content) in with CS related issues is not fair and down right silly and probably does noting but impede the solution to the original problem. Its akin to replying to a "My Ford Breaks Too Much" with a post that says "I hate them too, my granny got ran over by a Ford"...
  34. If you read my subsequent post, you'll note that I do like the magazine and will continue to buy it despite not liking the solarized pictures. There's nothing wrong with "edgy" pictures and I do respect the difficult balancing act required to make monthly content selections. Perhaps I was merely trying to stimulate some discourse on what constitutes art and not assassinate the magazine? It definitely doesn't deserve that. IMHO it's far more petty to harp on the odd "typographical error" or inconsistent international mail service (an altogether different problem which the magazine has no control over whatsoever). Examine the thread. There are countless examples of this at the beginning.
  35. I have read the other comments and my experience has been the same. I have gone to my local Barnes and Noble, and there is the magazine that I did not receive in the mail. They have told me in a nasty tone that the magazines are dropped off to the post office and that mailings are on October 1 for the Sept/Oct issue and none have been received as of Oct 30. I give up. This is for 2008! I wish I had read this thread before buying.
  36. All you have to do is call us at 505-899-8054 m-f 7-3 MST, or e-mail

    to get your problems taken care of. No one would have ever said the Sept/Oct issue was mailed Oct 1st. This is
    simply untrue.It was mailed in early Sept.

    If you are a subscriber and have a problem just contact us as suggested above and we will take care of it
    immediately. We get e-mails all the time complimenting our customer service.

    steve simmons
  37. It is 2010 and I had an experience with View Camera as well for which I believe they still owe me an apologize.
    I renewed through PayPal in May 2009 for another two years, but I did not receive a single issue. I kept emailing them with the scanned PDF and email records of the payment, and finally they responded and sent me back issues of 2010 this April. I then emailed them to say I do not want gap in my collection and I want back issues I missed in 2009. Several times and no answer. Finally I called and the gentleman was kind of rude and arrogant. He insisted there was no mistake, and never want to say sorry to me. I told him I understand that it is difficult enough today to be a paper magazine publisher, but the ignored PayPal 2-year subscription is your mistake and I am entitled to correct. He got irritated and was saying when they found the "problem" they immediately restarted my subscription for two years. Then I pointed out magazines are differ issue by issue, it is not the same thing that I paid for a book and they can send me a year later for the very same thing. Finally he agreed to send me the back issues they have in hand as some issued are totally out of stock, which surprised me. He mentioned for the other back issues he has only three in hands, so he is reluctant to give one copy to me. But Hey it is your mistake not mine, and I as a collector am entitled to get what you missed, correct?
    Steve would you help me to at least to get me an apologize from your stuff? Thank you very much.
  38. Mr. Zha called yesterday and I spoke to him. I then looked up his subscription record while we were on the phone. Yes, we apparently missed his Spring 2009 subscription. However, we spoke to Mr. Zha in April of 2010, apologized for the problem, and sent him the missing 2010 issues. We then gave him a subscription for the rest of 2010 and all of 2011. This is the two years he paid for. Mr. Zha accepted this arrangement and has been getting his magazines. As for the 2009 issues he claims to have missed I explained that I think we have three of them and will send these three to him. The may be one or two from 2009 that we are out of. We are not holding anything back from Mr. Zha. Again, I apologized to him for the oversight on our part. We will send what we have of the missing 2009 issues to him at our earliest convenience. At the end of the conversation yesterday Mr. Zha thanked me for my help and seemed pleased at our efforts.
    steve simmons
  39. Hi Steve,

    I had no idea I was speaking to you yesterday, and thanks for replying.

    I did hung up the phone with you with a very bitter feeling in my mouth, even I tried to brighten up the mode at the end of the conversation by praising your publication, after I realized it was impossible to get an apologize from the place.

    1. I have your only email reply to me in April, in which there was no apologize. I called in to start the complain in February, but was asked for evidence which I later managed to find in my old email box. I did not "accept" the arrangement in my returning emails, which you never replied. My basic point was, magazines are different from each other issue to issue unlike other merchandise, and if I paid for 2009 issues I should get 2009 issues, if possible, to keep my collection complete, after my forced and very painful relocation.

    2. I have been trying to be nice and patient on this matter. I said in my email we are all large format photographers and we all have patience, so take your time to sort out the problems. But, I did request the missing 2009 issues in my email in April 2010, and by stating so never really "accepted" the arrangement.

    3. If you were any bit close to apologizing over our maybe 10 minutes conversation over the phone yesterday, I would be more than satisfied. It is all psychological. I spent time trying to explain to you I do not want to take advantages in any bonus issues or favors, but just what I ordered, since I could feel you were trying to say you arranged to give me more issues than I deserve. However, even I repeatedly tried to rise the logic that it was your (or PayPal's) mistake, so I should be entitled what exactly I paid for (2009 - 2010 issues not 2010-2011), I was never offered an apology of any kind, and was told "there was no mistake" (that sentence was apparently addressed to the delay of the Paul Caponigro issue but the wording did not help loosen my bitterness).

    I have said many many times to my friends especially those in China, that western large format / landscape photographers are the best kind of people on Earth. All my mentors, David Muench, Charlie Cramer, Charles P Farmer, Richard Garrod, George DeWolfe, and Richard Lohmann, to mention but just a few, are all the ultimately nice, kind, helpful, considerate, and inspirational human beings. Thus, every time I try to communicate to some one in professional photography circle, my expectations are indeed much higher than, say, calling a bank or airline's customer service, and as the consequence, much easier to feel hurt by anything unexpected.

    I was quite a bit under the weather yesterday, and when I was on the phone my speaking and even my English was not my best. Steve I am sorry to you publicly if anything I mentioned caused misunderstandings or any feeling on your side that was not entirely positive. But, I still feel I deserve an apology, if it has not been previously given.

    Thank you with my best regards for your time on this small matter, and keep the publication great.

    Yours very truly,

  40. Yes, these people at View Camera magazine are really awful!
    I have been in correspondence with them now for three month trying to get my FIRST issue! Amazing. They made me feel like it was my fault for some reason for not getting my magazines!
    They took my money and then don't deliver anything. I was surprised to see the negative opinions on this forum as I thought I was the only one suffering. How can they remain in business like this?
    I've tried calling them and there's never any answer. I thought they were out of business. They refuse to send me my magazines and they refuse to refund my $48 Canadian subscription. What a bunch of dead beats.
    I hate to talk like that because the large-format photography world is a small community, but these people are incredible :-(
    PayPal won't refund my payment so what can I do?
  41. Yes, I wrote the above in anger, and frustration. And yes, I should never have subscribed!
  42. Mr. Austin
    Lets clarify a few things.
    You have not been in correspondence with us about this matter for 3 months. Your order came in Oct 25th, 2010. Your issue was mailed with all of the rest of the subscribers, in Canada, in the US and elsewhere, on Oct 28th, 2010. Your order actually came in after the deadline for the issue in questions but we re-submitted the mailing list to the printing company anyway so you would be included.
    When you first complained we asked you to wait because surface mail to Canada can take 3-4 weeks. We know this because we have people in Canada tracking this for us. That pits you to late November, less than a month ago.
    I asked you to talk to your Postal system and file a report. Did you? If so I have never seen a copy of the complaint or report.
    We have corresponded with you to confirm your address.
    We have not issued a refund because you have never asked for one.
    We have no phone messages from you and do not have your number to call you.
    We have received literally hundreds of orders for the Paul Caponigro Monograh issue. These orders have come in via Paypal. the phone, and mail. We have sent out most of them and have another group going out tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 21, 2010). We have returned many, many phone calls from people who have left us messages which you have not done.
    Here are your choices
    contact our office and tell us if you want a refund or for us to mail you another copy. Our phone is 505-899-8054. If we are busy and can not take your call leave a message and we will call you back.
    If we do not hear from you by noon Mtn time on Wednesday the 22nd of December 2010 I will issue a refund via Paypal.
    steve simmons
    view camera magazine
  43. Steve,
    I admit I wrote my rant in frustration, as indicated in my follow-up to my own posting!
    And you're right, it's only been about 2 months, not 3 months since my subscription; it just seemed like ages :)
    I did speak with my postal system but didn't follow-up requesting a formal report. I guess that's the process to do in a case like this. And no, I hate to leave voice mail, preferring to write emails as that seems to offer the opportunity to leave more details.
    Having said that, I believe good customer support would be to simply send me another copy of the missing issue. That's what I kept asking for. Why do I have to go through all this investigative work to get an issue? Isn't good "customer service" to take the customer at his word and do what's needed to be done?
    In any case, I suspect there are mailing issues to Canada (perhaps with the printer) and I think it might be best if I simply purchased copies, if I'm interested, on the newstand in the future as no doubt I will continue to have problems. I'll take the refund.
  44. Mr. Austin
    Each time you sent an e-mail we have corresponded with you trying to resolve the problem. The reason I asked you to check and file the report is because if there is a problem your postal service should be made aware of it. Simply sending more copies without trying to take some preventive action would be silly, and frustrating for both of us.
    It is standard in the magazine industry to start a new subscription with the next issue. This has always been View Camera's policy and practice. You should not have expected anything from us until late November which is only 3 weeks ago. Since that time we have corresponded with you to confirm your address and to ask you to file the report which you apparently did not do. To go on a public forum and rant about us not sending your copy, exaggerate the time involved, etc., etc. is way out of line with the offense you think we committed. To get this angry and nasty over simply not receiving one copy of a magazine while we are still trying to resolve the problem is way out of proportion to the event itself.
    As you requested, I have gonei into our Paypal account and issues you a complete refund. Paypal does take a small fee from the refund to do this. If you are angey about this fee that Paypal takes out please contact Paypal and not View Camera magazine.
    steve simmons
    view camera magazine
  45. i used to have a subscription to vc magazine.
    it was a good read and the images were nice.
    when my subscription lapsed
    i decided not to renew ...
    because of the way the publisher acted online and in other situations.

    i decided i did not want to fund/condone that sort of thing.
  46. View Camera has been the victim of a number of trolls over the years. These are people who lurk the forums and whenever they can they come in and make the same post over and over again. Mr/Ms J Nanian is one of these who seem to follow view camera around so they can, anonymously, take cheap shots from miles away.
    View Camera has been in publication since 1988, we have published 134 consecutive issues and we have shown the work of hundreds of well known and not so well known large format photographers. We have also published hundreds of equipment reviews and how-to articles. Many of these older articles are available to our subscribers in a special Subscriber's Section of the web site ( We pick up new subscribers every day and have many subscribers from our first issue.
    The internet is generally a good thing but it is also prone to hyperbole and over the top drama and trauma. The postal service fails to deliver an issue and suddenly View Camera is diabolical. Hardly. We get comments every day about the good quality and timeliness of our customer service. When there is a problem we work hard to get the subscriber their issue and resolve whatever happened to make sure they get the next one as well.
    If you are interested in large format photography take a look.
    Happy Holidays
    streve simmons
  47. i don't follow you around the internet, and i for several subscription cycles received your
    magazine, and enjoyed it. after the large format forum migrated to years ago, i
    registered here, and read thread after thread where you and others fought + bickered. it
    didn't seem that the publisher of a magazine should be acting that way. it bothered me
    enough to not renew my subscription. it wouldn't be hard for anyone to read your thread
    history here or other photography related forums or google " foto3 " to see for themselves.
  48. Richard said:

    "Yes, these people at View Camera magazine are really awful!
    I have been in correspondence with them now for three month trying to get my FIRST issue! Amazing. They made me feel like it was my fault for some reason for not getting my magazines!
    They took my money and then don't deliver anything. I was surprised to see the negative opinions on this forum as I thought I was the only one suffering. How can they remain in business like this?
    I've tried calling them and there's never any answer. I thought they were out of business. They refuse to send me my magazines and they refuse to refund my $48 Canadian subscription. What a bunch of dead beats."​

    Echoes my experience to a tee. Mr. Simmons is so much more conciliatory in this public forum. Wish I'd tried here first.

    Jon Archibald
    Indian River, Ontario
  49. Mr. Archibald does not even know what issues he has and has not received. He demanded that we send the July/August 2010 issue and then admitted he had it all along. He has repeatedly said he would no longer harass us with e-mails and then sent more incoherant and contradictory e-mails to us. He has accused us of not sending him his magazine and then admitted he received the Jan/Feb 2011 issue.There has been no way to resolve this matter in a reasonable manner with a man who does not know what he has and has not received and behaves as he has done.
    We have a very good customer service record as many statements here attest. We routinely get e-emails thanking us for our quick service, our timely service, for being so polite and attentive, etc. But, we can't work with people who behave as Mr. Archibald has.
    steve simmons

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