Videographer representing self in court. Wrong!

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    Why one shouldn't get legal "advice" from TV or other non-lawyers.
  2. Um, okay. Not a great case of 'why representing yourself is a bad idea'. Looking more closely at the case prosecutors proved pretty conclusively that there was at a minimum conspiracy to commit a terrorist act occuring. Maybe a really slick lawyer would have gotten him off, but you know what, possibly not.
  3. Based on the considerable evidence prosecutors presented, you have to wonder if having an attorney would've made a difference. And it's surprising to me that the court allowed him to represent himself under the circumstances.
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    One of the videos, which was played for jurors last week, showed the two driving by the Pentagon as Sadequee said: "This is where our brothers attacked the Pentagon."
    No lawyer could have helped him. The real surprising thing is that he was surprised by the reactions.

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    There sounds like there were some bad intentions, but he also seem terribly naive and plain stupid. Defending himself in a federal court on terrorism charges? Fate (and the court) likely won't be kind to him.
  6. And it's surprising to me that the court allowed him to represent himself under the circumstances.​
    Don't you have a right to represent yourself?
  7. Yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea!
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    Having a right and stupidly exercising it are two different things. Just because you CAN jump off a bridge into a dry riverbed doesn't mean you should.
  9. Don't you have a right to represent yourself?​
    I do believe the judge has a say in this.
  10. He should have called John Hennenberger or Crai g Gillete for legal advice.
  11. No, he needed a competent criminal attorney (perhaps several). I know enough about the law to keep myself out of trouble in the photographic and related circumstances I find myself or my family in. This guy was facing, or could still be facing, spending the rest of his life in jail. That's hugely different from having a basic understanding of privacy and copyright issues, etc.
  12. Man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

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