Vest Pocket Kodak - repairs

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ray_armstrong, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Can anybody recommend someone based in the UK who can service/repair a vest pocket kodak special, specifically a Compur shutter and the shutter release?
  2. There are easy to find instructions on how to take the shutter apart, for the usual folding Kodak.

    First you take off the big nut inside (easier when the bellows are closed, or almost closed). Then the lens/shutter assembly comes out.

    One way to fix it is to find one with a working shutter, but bad bellows and trade parts.
  3. Any seasoned repairman will be familiar with the Compur Shutter. It's a circa 100 year design that has a few major variations through history . The older the more simple or straightforward the design. If in the US there is a lady who specializes in refurbishing shutters, though parts may be a problem if a "repair" is needed.

    Also another service is;

    You will find lots of info on self repairs online...
  4. Many thanks for the info.

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