Vest Pocket Kodak Mod B - Shot with 50 y/o Verichrome Pan

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Kodakkook123, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Hi, I replaced the bellows on my VPK Mod B and took it with me to Italy. I loaded it with some very expired Verichrome Pan: one roll from '64, one from '66, and one from '68. I bought these rolls on Ebay just for the spools and paper but I figured why not shoot the film? I didn't keep track of which rolls are from which date. I decided to stand develop the film in Rodinal 1:100 at room temp for 1 hr. So here are some of my pictures. They look like vintage postcards from one of most over-photographed cities in the world - Florence, Italy. Untitled (9).jpg Untitled (23).jpg Untitled.jpg
  2. Remarkable... The images certainly have an authentic vintage charm! A great choice of subject matter...
  3. I have some similar aged VP127, but no trips to Italy planned.

    Also some similar aged VP116.
  4. I develop 1960's Verichrome Pan in HC-110 dilution B at 30% extra time, and expose at EI 50 or 64. Comes out nice.
  5. Thanks for the input John! And thanks for setting me on to the correct pn for the bellows...I popped it in the day before I left. It was a real conversation starter I'm Italy.
  6. I had some vintage roll film jam in my cameras because the tape holding the leader dried up and gave way so I like to check the tape before I load old roll film (in a dark room of course). I have ten rolls of 1960's 828 that this was more common to.
  7. I haven't had problems with the tape, but it might depend on the camera. If the guides are smooth enough, it works, if not it could grab the tape.

    I think I have had them come off when loading it onto the reel, much easier than it should have, though.

    I now have a roll of XL Pan, from Belgium and also 50 years old, in my VPK.
  8. I've had the tape dry up and crack away from the backing paper on old roll film which caused it to jam.

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