Very slow Sony 64 XQD card download (Z6)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Jean-Claude, May 22, 2022.

  1. It took me +/- 30 minutes to download via card reader the 1214 pictures registred on this card (64 gigas)
    It takes far less with 64gigas SD cards in my Nikon D610.

    Why this huge difference and how download XQD card faster?

    Thank you for your precious help.
  2. It could be the card, or it could be the card reader.

    What card readers are you using for the XQD card and for the SD card?

    What computer are you using?

    Are you using the same USB port for both readers?
  3. I have 2 XQD cards and the same problem!

    For the SD cards, I use a USB3.0 Transcend car reader.

    For the XQD, there is no brand name ! Just XQD car reader...

    Yes I use the same USB port for both card readers.
  4. I suspect the no-name XQD reader could the culprit. I am not an expert on card readers, but have experienced that a good reader is faster than directly from the camera.
    My experience stems from an Z6ii with a 125gb Sony Tough CFexpress card. Download speed improved greatly when I started using a well reviewed ProGrade reader. I thought it was expensive for "just a reader", but since I also needed something to read SD UHS-II, I bit the bullet and I have not regretted it.
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  5. Maybe somebody builds card readers just up to USB2 specs, as indicated by your download time? The color of the plastic inside the plug could give a hint, USB3 would be blue.
  6. My USB slot is not blue, so USB2.

    How can I make it faster? Change reader I guess?
  7. What is the name of that reader and to which price please? You have an USB 2 or 3 slot?
  8. How long would it take more or less downloading directly from the camera? I guess less than 30 minutes?

    Thank you !
  9. ShunCheung

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    For a while I had very slow upload speed from a CFexpress card reader. It turned out to be the USB cable I used. With a different cable, the speed was much faster.

    Sounds like it is among your USB port, cable, and card reader.
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  10. the cable and the reader is just 1 piece, I can't change cable !
  11. The product name is ProGrade Digital CFexpress/SD, and I payed around €100 (less now) but you can’t use this particular one for XQD. You have to do some research for one that has proven good performance with XQD.
    The one I mention above has USB 3.2 gen 2 with USB-C out and cables to connect with both USB-C and USB-A.

    I can't guess how long it takes to download directly from the camera to your specific computer - it is easy for yourself to test, but with a quality cable connected to my Z6ii I don't think I ever experienced anything approaching 30 min download time directly from the camera.
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  12. I notice that the list I link to above has an allegedly super fast ProGrade XQD/CFexpress reader, but only for a thunderbolt 3 connections. I don't know if you have such a connection?
  13. no, unfortunatelly !
  14. A test that would cost nothing - connect your camera to your computer and download directly from the camera. If loading from the camera is faster than the card reader, you have your answer- the problem is the card reader. If not, it is either the card or the computer.

    You write your computer does not have "blue USB ports" This would suggest your computer is limited to USB 2 - 480 Mb/sec. What type of computer do you have? It is relatively easy and inexpensive to add USB 3 capabilities to a Windows desktop computer.
  15. You are right !

    A test is on the agenda tomorrow morning with both cameras and 2 different type of cards (XQD qnd SD Extreme Pro.

    Download in both cases with chronometer, say 100 picyres tale high speed trough the window. Will post results.

    My computer is very good but no USB 3 (built on mesure 2012). I didn't know I could add a USB 3 slot. Will contact the guy around the corner.

    Thank you very much !
  16. In 2012 I added this card to the computer I build in 2010 to get USB 3.

    LINK; DP USB 3.0 4-Port PCIe i/e (

    It worked like a charm with all my external disks/SSD/Thumb drives/Card readers. Because the PCIe slot cannot provide the maximum power required for the two USB 3 slots combined, there is a provision to connect a SATA power cord from the computer power supply to the card for the extra power (probably not needed for you card readers). When I connected the USB 3 connector of my Corsair K70 keyboard to this card and the USB 2 connector on the keyboard directly to the motherboard, I created a ground loop. Oops. Since the USB 2 port on the keyboard was provided to connect the mouse, I simply disconnected the USB 2 keyboard connector and connected the mouse directly. No more problem. After that everything ran trouble free for the next seven years, when I replaced the computer.
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  17. I took the Z6 and shot high speed 316 RAW pictures on my 64 (Sony) XQD card and downloaded first via XQD reader. Total: 9 minutes.

    Then I took the same card with those 316 pictures but downloaded via camera and cable to my PC. Total : 13 minutes (4 minutes more or roughly 50% more !)

    The camera download is VERY SLOW !

    Finally I took my D610 and shot 140 RAW pictures and downloaded via my usual SD card reader. Total : 2 minutes (or +/- 4.5 minutes for 316 RAW pictures)

    This means that the SD cards are twice faster to download than the XQD cards, at least on my USB 2.0 slots.

    The question now is: will I be able to download the XQD cards faster if I ask for USB 3.0 slots to be placed on my computer?

    Thank you !
  18. What spec are they?
  19. SANDISK 64 EXTREME PRO 170 MB, 3, 10
  20. No-name products are usually "no-name" for a reason. For all I know the no-name XQD reader is likely the problem.
    I wouldn't install a new USB port before I had tried a quality reader. After all, Transcend normally makes fine products - and who knows what is inside your XQD reader that no one wants to put a name on?
    Anyway, for reference. How long does it take to download 316 RAW pictures from the D610 camera?

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