[Very Important!]Help Once Again! Concert Photos With a Fuji Superia XTRA 1600! (No Flash)

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by paco_cabrera, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Hi! I will be shooting the band Mono in their concert, here in Mexico. I will use a Fuji Superia XTRA ISO 1600.

    Ok, now the deal is that i'm planning to shoot without a battery , only sunny f16 rules and such. I have a Minolta SRT-101 with a 58 mm, f1.4 lens.

    Here are some examples of the lighting:
    So, the question is, what speeds/aperture do you advise me to use? I'm Thinking 1/60 with f1.4
  2. Hard to say, EV 5 maybe? Look here: http://www.fredparker.com/ultexp1.htm Good thing your lens is fast.
  3. If your meter still works you might just want to buy a small package of 675 size zinc-air hearing aid batteries. With a rubber O ring from the hardware store you are all set. Developing the film and having prints made will cost a lot more than getting a battery.

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