vertical blury bands with my new EPSON v850 scanner

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by antoinebar, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I recetly bough a Epson v850 scanner, to be able to scan my 120 films.
    Unfortunately, i have until now a pretty annoying problem, as we notice huge vertical bands, specially in the dark areas, with both silversfast and epson scan softwares :
    Do you think that it just comes from the fact that the film is not so flat, or a more complex hardware issue ?
    Thank you in advance for your feedbacks.
  2. It looks like processing streaks. Can you see it on the film itself?

    If it's coming from the scanner the obvious solution is to return the scanner for replacement/repair.

    The film looks very underexposed too, and that won't help.
  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Can you post a larger image of just one frame please ?
  4. Dust on the scanner sensor will cause blurry streaks in the direction of travel. They become more prominent if the negative is under-exposed, because the scanner software attempts to set the exposure accordingly. Streaks in the film due to processing tend to be broader, and may "tail" from particularly dense parts of the image.
  5. Dust? Not as likely as an issue with the stepper motor. Difficult to see with that example. Make a scan with NOTHING on the bed, maybe set levels so it's a mid gray. Then we can see the entire scan of the bed area.
  6. As rodeo-joe says it looks to me like processing streaks. You could easily check this by scanning at right angles, although you may have to cut the negs to do this. bands2.jpg
    These images were increased in contrast to amplify the defect.

  7. Thank you for your answers.
    FYI, here is two frames with better resolution.

    But, as suggested (don't know why I did not though about it before), I did an empty scan, and, with the restricted area of the 120 frame, here is what i get, after tweaks to increase the visibility of the bands:

    So it is clear that it does not come from the film/holder, but from the scanner itself.
    It is pretty annoying, as i bought the scanner from a particular. Hopefully I still have an available warranty. Do you have still an idea about where it can technically come from ? It can help me if I have to demand a repair/replacement.

    Thank you

    [EDIT] and yes, the film was underexposed ... as this was my first try with my Yashica :p
  8. FYI The scanner is pretty new and has almost never been used :/. Is your explanation still relevant ?
  9. Is the negative underexposed? If so, there is less contrast between the image and the substrate. This difference is amplified by image processing. This is easily demonstrated by scanning an unexposed part of the time, such as the trailing leader.
  10. Yes, as i said it is !! And a scan without any folder and film also has these light regularly bands. But i cannot imagine that it is a normal behavior.
  11. Can you post an example of the scan without any film/print that's close to middle gray?
  12. If the direction of scan is vertical (as we view it here), then the bands could come from dirt or smears on the CCD sensor, or on the travelling tube light source, or on the mirror.

    This may or may not be the case and relatively easy to remedy, but will almost certainly require dismantling the scanner.

    Easiest option is to return it.
  13. What do you mean ? I am a true beginner, but when we have no film, the result is all black right ? :confused:
  14. Just pull a curve in the scanning software.
  15. here it is (I scanned the whole scanner area).

    It appears so strong. It clearly cannot be neglected :(...
  16. Doesn't look good. Now you see why it shows up in the image scans. I'd look into service or return if that option is possible. You can't expect fully smooth, solid tone from such a scanner but there's more going on there than a few flakes of dust!
  17. FWIW I get horizontal streaks in scanning on a Canoscan 9000F if there are ambient "light leaks" creeping around the edges of the scanned areas.

    Are bright lights near the scanner?

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