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  1. Rick, I have never heard of the F2 ASb, could you expound on this model, please? F2 Sb, yes I've heard of -- and it uses the older pre-AI mounting system -- but this is the first I've ever seen of an F2 ASb.
  2. As I recall the F2 SB was an update of the F2S and used a silicon blue metering system. The F2 ASb was the last version of the F2 and was just an AI version of the F2SB. I used all of these except the SB in my newspaper days and still use an F2 Photomic and an F2AS. I don't think there were many copies of the F2SB made, the F3 was on its way in to take the place of the F2.

    Rick H.
  3. If I may interject a "point of order"

    The original post in this case was from December 2016. I would guess matthew (the OP) has long since settled his issue.

    If people (under the new OS ordering of old files) will pay attention to that sort of thing, they may better wish to make a NEW post rather than reanimating an old one.
  4. Actually, the camera that you are referring to as the F2 ASb is the F2 AS, the one you're still using. The only real difference between the F2 Sb and the F2 AS is the meter coupling method. See here for a complete rundown of F2 models:

    You're right about the F2 Sb being uncommon, though. Nikon decided to release the AI mount shortly after introducing the F2 Sb, so they converted it over to the new AI coupling style instead of coming out with a totally new model. The short run of the Sb makes me think that Nikon's camera designers and lens designers didn't talk much to each other.
  5. I have an F2 with a DP-11 finder, which is the AI version of the DP-1, as it says on:

    Nikon F2

    This makes it an F2A, and there is an A on the front of the finder to indicate this.

    I got one from a goodwill auction for $124. I probably wouldn't bid that high for a non-AI version.
    Yes they aren't that hard to use, but I have enough AI lenses, including some without the prongs.

    The F2AS has the DP-12 finder, which is also AI. I don't have one of those.
  6. As for the original question, there are many different lenses for the Canon FD mount, EF mount, and Nikon F mount. I wouldn't want to try to figure out which one has more,
    though combining Nikon AI and AF lenses likely results in more than either FD or EF.

    Prices for all as used lenses are very reasonable. Nikon AI lenses are compatible with most DSLRs, though on some the camera won't help you meter.

    The more unusual FD lenses prices aren't all that low. Common AF and EF lenses, usable one film and digital cameras, are reasonably priced.

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