VEF Minox Riga Survival List (400+ Serial Numbers)

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  1. Hello everyone,
    My fascination with the early Minox led me to record every surviving example I saw online in an excel sheet. As other good Minox fans out there have shown, its much nicer to share the fascination with others, so I would like to share the database with you. The website is tiny and only includes the list so far but hopefully we can share more interesting stories about the camera and keep the list growing.

    Have a look, the website is http:\\
  2. Nice start and good luck. Not a Riga user myself but hope to be someday.
  3. Already "27" previously unknown surviving VEF Minox cameras submitted (in only 2 weeks time!!!).
    A big big thank you to everyone!!!
  4. Sadly after many outages, the website is down today! You can reach the same website here:
  5. Today the "101"st new VEF Minox has been submitted to the database. The list contains now 511 surviving Riga's, thank you all for helping
  6. Just a small note that my Riga (12168) has 'USSR' faintly visible underneath the Latvia engraving.
    At Photographica 2012 as MS Hobbies Stall, I put my Riga on display to attract interest along with all the other MInox cameras. There is something about the shininess of the Riga that attracts: it certainly did.
    Stories from a roumanian chappie who had a Riga with roumanian army markings in it, and then another chap came over, and his eyes went out on stalks when he saw the Riga. He promptly pulled out HIS Riga. Not so remarkable, except that both Rigas were made in the 1941-44 period, so they were identical in engraving.
    How rare is that.....
    Great to see that another 43 Rigas added so far this year (2012) to the database.

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