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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by luis_rives, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. If anyone owns a VDS 8x10 I would like to hear their experiences with this camera. I am looking for a lightweight 8x10 under 10lbs and as inexpensive as possible. So far I have only found the Canhams 8x10 ($4.2K to 3.5K) and Ritter 8x10 ($3K). I have a Canham 4x5 that I use and like very much but his 8x10s are beyond my reach and they rarely come up on the used market.
  2. My dream (he he) ended with 5x7, but take a looksy at this. No connection to the sellers.
  3. I doubt they are under 10lbs.
  4. Hi Luis. Try this company, if you want a field camera: https://intrepidcamera.co.uk/about
    They say they will launch an 8 x 10 early this year.
    Good luck and good shooting.
  5. Richard,
    I had forgotten about Intrepid. I was already on their mailing list. I will certainly buy one. They will have limitations but its the least expensive entry into 8x10. I use mostly 4x5 so the Intrepid will be a good introduction to the larger film size. I have four lenses I use in 4x5 that can cover 8x10 so no need to spend money on glass. Given the cost of 8x10 sheet film I don't assume I will be using it all the time. Hopefully I will get lucky and find a used 8x10 Canham. Have never seen a used 8x10 Ritter for sale.
  6. Well, I now own VDS 5x7 and it weights less than my 4.5 lbs CF Feisol tripod....I think with a lens attached :>). It took me 88 days to
    receive it. It's not for everyone....and it does not have the finesse of Arca, Sinar, Ebony, Lotus, 'Dorff, etc. However, it's mostly about the operator, eh ?

  7. Les, I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences with the VDS 5x7. Its clear from the photos of it I have seen that it is not very refined. However it does not have the price of the Arca, Sinar, Ebony, et al. I completely agree with you about photography being more about the photographer, so long as the equipment does not impose severe limitations. I recently picked up a Burke & James 5x7 in beautiful condition for a great price. Weighs about 8 lbs but it is still backpackable. Can't wait until the weather turns warmer here in the Northeast. Still have my eye on an 8x10, and still thinking about the VDS, that's why I wanted to hear from you about the 5x7.
  8. Luis, do you want me to write a whole review ? That's pages!!! OK, I'll start with the size of the lens boards, they are ample size appx 107mm, tho the manuf specs shows 110. Nonetheless, my newly acquired Kodak Commercial 303mm resides on it without issues....and there is still several mm's of space around it. I could say the same thing about mounting lens on Copal #3. Anyway, the GG view (using Symmar-S 210) was gorgeously breathtaking > upside down or not :D. For time being, I have no way of knowing if the bellows are IR-friendly, but eventually I'll give a try with Efke. Oh, and I did get the 4x5 redux back, which may (also) help me to shoot some color.

    I was not able to get out there to do any testing yet, since I need a pile of lens boards to be made. Can't wait to burn up some curly maple :). Let me know if you have specific questions about this rig.


  9. It looks very nice. Thanks for your info. A review would not be bad because I have not found reviews of these cameras anywhere. Perhaps people think they are not worth the time reviewing because they are so inexpensive (relatively speaking). I have seen the prices in the VDS site, and they are very affordable (again relatively speaking). The site does indicate that the lead time is about 3 months so that is no surprise. The way to order these is over the winter when its too cold to go out making photos (as I look out the window snow is falling here in upstate NY). Or if one does not want to wait there is a dealer in the big auction site though he charges about 700 for the privilege of having the camera in stock. I use a Canham 4x5 that takes 110mm lensboards so it would be a matter of seeing if VDS could modify their front standard to accept those boards. I am certainly impressed especially since their weight makes them totally backpackable.

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