Varex IIb

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. <a href=""> With a Tessar in
    New England. <a>
  2. Nice!
  3. Love the red farm tool against green background.
    And the yellow log.

    Delightful photos. Great camera and lens.
  4. Simply awesome. Nice color detail and form study. Always a pleasure looking at your images, or should I say pichers' ;-)
  5. Gene-you not only take excellent pictures with classic cameras, you also take excellent pictures of classic cameras!
  6. Gene , Great photos as always ! Fantastic EYE ! PC
  7. Really beautiful camera and some very nice images.
  8. Nice camera and nice pics, really like the old look of the photographs. The corn shot really reminds me of those old Nazi Propaganda shots in their Signal magazine. It had colorphoto's that looked exactly like the corn shot.
  9. I love the lighting you have in these pictures. It really gives the subject matter the lift required to make them stand out.
  10. Very nice looking camera.
    I esspecially like the image of the corn.
    though I like the color and exposure, I wonderhowthat would look in B&W with a larger format to enhance detail?
  11. The camera is fantastic. One of the finest 35mm camera ever made! I envy yours working, one of mine has shutter troubles and the other one leaks light. It seems to me though tha tone of your picture isn't perfect either...
  12. Odd lighting that day, I think. I like SG Adams idea regarding the corn shot. I'll do it !
  13. I love the color of film compared to digital. SG Adams idea sounds interesting. Show us more Gene, TFS
  14. yup i fourth the corny idea. beautiful camera. it really looks like a wonderful machine... Ive always been amazed that over the years nobody else copied the Exacta body shape, which just appears quite lovely and certainly leaves more room for computers and automation than the Contax style bodies.
  15. Gene this is one drop dead gorgeous camera. I have one myself which I take out and fondle occasionally. You, however, put it through its paces and produce some sweet images with it. I love the old machinery shots particularly.
  16. Thanks, Gene, I feel like I'm getting a masters degree in classic cameras. It's great keep it up.
  17. That sure looks like a well built camera. Attractive.

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