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  1. I am finishing up Edward Weston's biography by Ben Maddow and was
    curious about a couple of things. First, is the film Willard Van Dyke made still
    accessable on video? And, where would one look to find examples of his
    8x10 color trannies?


    Many thanks in advance
    Eck Wheeler
  2. There is a video called "Remembering Edward Weston",
    which has some B&W film footage of EW at work. It's
    available at I don't know if it's
    the film shot by Willard Van Dyke.
  3. There is a book of Weston's color work by Terrance Pitt published by
    the Center for Creative Photography. I assume it's out of print, but
    a library may have it or it may be available through used book
  4. Yes its available for about $100 dollars. But-see a fairly recent (2-3
    month old) post by me on a similar thread. In it I give my rather
    disgusted review of the film. I may have been a little harsh but it
    really is not worth seeing, IMO. I wouldnt pay more than $20 for it.
    It is not about Edward Weston the photographer, its about Edward
    Weston, 100 Proof American Patriot, who, oh yeah, just happens to
    photograph a little too. It was made in the post war, pre-cold war
    days, and well...I'm not going to rehash it all again. Not recommended
    unless you havent had your fill of patriotic propaganda lately.


    The other film mentioned above is much better, much cheaper, and uses
    some of the Van Dyke footage without the "moral". I do recommend that
  5. There was a thread here recently that linked to an article that even
    more of his color work had been found.


    The book published by Center for Creative Photography was called
    Edward Weston, Color Photography. I picked one up on Ebay a year or
    two ago for about $15
  6. There's this one - no idea if it's any good...

  7. The Van Dyke film titled "The Photographer" was begun in 1947 for The
    United States Informatiom Agency. A later film (around 1955-6) done
    by Lou Stoumen was titled "The Naked Eye" and had parts from the
    daybooks read by Raymond Massey.I am uncertain of their availability
    but you might check with the Center for Creative Photography which
    houses Weston's archive.
    The CCP book has 32 reproductions of the Ektachrome and Kodachrome
    transparencies. It was published in 1986 and may still be available
    from the Center. It was titled simply: Edward Weston/Color
  8. I was trying to think of the third film, by Lou, but couldnt pull it
    out of my memory banks. I remember searching for The Naked Eye, and I
    discovered it is apparently not on video yet.

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