Vampire Images out of Season?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by see_r, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. On the front page of PN I find the vampire image, while original, to be quite
    disturbing and not reminiscent of the aesthetically pleasing images I
    generally find on prominent display on PN.
  2. Wait a day and it will be gone. Nobody is going to like everything. for example, some people are freaked out about insect images.
  3. Chip you told her how you felt about her work now you start a thread about it? Don't click on it.
  4. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    I like vampire photos. I didn't know they had a season, I figure vampires are out all year long, at least after dark.
  5. It's not like it's Janet Jackson's nipple, that'll really mess people up.
  6. Chip,

    I don't understand your need to post a topic after you torched her rating. Shall we hire a censor to assure that all images are appealing to everyone? If so... lets ban images of dogs, I was bitten as a child.

    I think that your rating of her work was just plain vandalisms. You did not make a critical comment... You rate it a 1 and posted this because you don't like the subject matter. If you don't like the topic... that is fine, but if you are arachnophobic are you going to rate down every image of a spider?

    If you are going rate, look passed your prejudices and rate it on technique, is it a technically proficient.

    I don't like opera, but I can appreciate talent.

    Just my thoughts
  7. Well said John O'Berry!
  8. Chip's right. It's actually werewolf season.

    Chip, not every great photo has to be aesthetically pleasing. Actually most great photos in history depict tragedy or suffering. You also have to realize that the front page photos are not hand selected. They're probably randomly chosen by a script that seeks highly rated photos.

    John O'Berry makes an excellent point.
  9. John O'Berry said if you are arachnophobic are you going to rate down every image of a spider?

    Karen says.... YES! But only if it's a hairy one... those kinda freak me out.

    Seriously though.. I thought it was a decent photo. I was bummed by the lack of gravitational consistency with the blood on her face compared to the rest of the scene. But it was cool. This thread is kind of a cheap shot.

  10. Well, if we're talking "seasonal," we're coming into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Perhaps someone will post a photograph of a vampire turkey or a vampire Santa?'s just a thought.
  11. When you saw that picture was this your reaction?

    <img src="">
    Michael Harris, Palouse, Wa
  12. Pardon me if I wasn't thrilled by the image in question, but long ago I learned if you don't like cranberries don't go tramping in the bog!
  13. Personally I am confused about what others find so wonderful about this particular photo, but as always "to each their own". As for being out of season...bah.
  14. It's not that we find the photo interesting, it's that some want to either censor it or they are afraid of it. I really don't know which, they never came back to explain.
  15. A few things:

    1) I did not "torch her rating" as I gave a 6 for originality.
    2) As for the other ratings and any other critical comments about my post, I would have to deflect such comments more appropriately towards the inherent nature of the rating system in which the word used to describe 1 of 2 categories is "aesthetics". So then yes arachnophobs might rightfully rate pictures of spiders poorly, etc. It's not that I am criticizing the rating system here, but rather the comments towards me here are actually misdirected.
    3) Would love to have seen Janet Jackson's nipple.

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