Value vs image quality - new Sl2 vs used S 007

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Karim Ghantous, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. What are your opinions? I'm hardly in a rush to buy either, but it is an interesting choice to make. Any opinion is valid. I think you would agree that the S has superior image quality, while the SL2 has better responsiveness and, dare I say, the better lenses per unit area (technically, at least).

    Both have excellent wide angle lenses, but only the SL2 has a wide angle zoom - and wide angle lenses is where medium format (so-called) makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that S lenses are more expensive. However, the S system does have dedicated adapters for Contax and Hasselblad AF lenses. So, yeah, it's a multi-variate problem, as they would say in psychology.
  2. Based on what? I wouldn't assume that. The SL2, in fact, has higher resolution compared to the S 007 (47 vs. 37 for the SL2 and S 007, respectively).
  3. From what I understand, the S 007 (and S3) will have better image quality overall. This is to nobody's surprise, as that is was designed for.
  4. Again, the specs don't seem to support your understanding. And, at nearly twice the resolution of an S 007, the S3 is another matter altogether.

    From what I've observed, it seems the S 007 puts out more pleasing skin tones (this can be manipulated in post), but the SL2 out resolves it. Also the SL/SL2 system is a hybrid system which will accept L, M, and R lenses with adapters. This is not the case with the S system.
  5. Just to clarify - I'd grant you that the image quality of the S 007 (37MP) would most likely win if comparing it to the SL (its contemporary at 24MP).
  6. From what I have seen, and from what others have said (who own and use both), and from comparisons between the SL2 and the X1D, my conclusion is that the SL2 is outdone as far as DR is concerned. Better shadow recovery is a key part of that. But, I have to weigh that against the all-round benefits of the SL2.

    The SL lenses are also superior to the S lenses in terms of resolving power - and in fact I suspect them to be medium format lenses in disguise. The 24-90 is better than any M lens in terms of resolution, while the Apo Summicrons are out of this world. That's another matter, of course.

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