Value of adding photoshop instruction to college course offerings

Discussion in 'Education' started by falcon7, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I taught 'Communications' full-time on the college level for about ten years ((Background includes a Ph.D. in Communications from a 'highly regarded' university, with a dissertation title that would probably be best suited for an SNL skit, along with the requisite publications, conference presentations, etc., etc.)
    Currently, I work mainly 'freelance', but am wondering what the demand for a photoshop teacher (with experience in teaching so-called 'academic subjects') would be, either as a part-time or full-time college, community college, university teacher if I were to hone my PS skills sufficiently. I could also teach general photographic courses (been photographing since I was 13, using film), and whatever other courses might be needed from cybernetics to cyberspace.
    Does anyone have experience in pursuing this path or one that meanders close-by? Thanks.
  2. Are you Photoshop ACE certified?
    That might add some relevance and weight to the Ph.D. in Communications degree as someone who knows the in's and outs' of a behemoth and complex piece of software that is Photoshop.
    I'm finding in my local area people with just teaching certificates teaching basic computer skills to elementary kids.

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