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  1. Hi there,
    I will be heading to Utah during the 1st week of November and intend
    visiting the usual hotspots - zion, bryce, arches, canyonlands.
    Apart from Zion, which should be at peak fall colour, are there any
    other hotspots which would be good for colourful foliage? I intend
    taking scenic byway 12 from Bryce to Arches and visting calf creek
    Any help/tips/advice would be appreciated.
  2. SCL


    If you're not spending at least 1 day in each spot, you're missing some incredible photo opportunities (I mean the ones you hike 3-4 hours to reach, not the P&S tourist click & run ones). Don't try to cram more sites in, you have enough for a mnoth's worth of serious photography. Have fun & good luck.
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    Everything at high elevation will be long gone I expect, including the aspens over Boulder Mountain. I suspect you'll be going into Capitol Reef, and it may be worthwhile looking there for yellow cottonwoods and there are fruit trees there too. There are cottonwoods round Moab too, though I mention both of these in hope rather than expectation.
  4. Here is a link to scenic drives around Moab, Utah: http://www.discovermoab.com/pdf/autotour.pdf.

    I would definitely take route 128 into Moab from the Interstate north of Moab. You should find fall color along the river that this road follows. Also try La Sal Mountain Loop Road if it is still open. If it has snowed, the locals say to take it from the south end off of US 191 to the north end that will take you to rt 128. Ditto the copmments about Less is More. Joe Smith

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