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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by WJT, Aug 1, 2021.

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    Has anyone tried installing Win10 on a MacBook Pro (or other model) using BootCamp? Also, has anyone then tried installing the non-subscription Photoshop CS 6 (or other) on this platform? I need a new laptop and am considering the MacBook but all of my software is for Windows. Regards.
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    Can't comment on Windows.
    As for LR6, it can run even in the latest Mac OS (Big Sur) if that is your goal (I'm unclear what OS you wish to run it on). The issue is the Installer isn't 64-bit, it will not. You'll need to boot off an older MacOS (prior to Catalina), do the install, then boot back into perhaps Big Sur, LR6 will run, with some limitations (Map module may not run).
  3. I can't verify its ability, but this Parallels program seems to be a popular solution, including the new M1's using Big Sur.

    Install Windows on Mac
  4. My daughter uses both Windows and Mac OS on a late model iMac. Generally works fine for her - she games Windows and does serious graphic editing (Photoshop) on Mac OS.

    Personally, I'd rather run each OS on its own platform
  5. I have used the program "Parallels" to run Win 7 on my iMac from the get-go. I can run Windows programs and access the hard drives fairly well, even external drives, but using other hardware (including the ethernet adapter) can be difficult or impossible. It is easy to exchange data between the two platforms, which is a big benefit.

    I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, which I was able to install and use after removing my PC from the subscription list. I was able to do the same with dongle-protected software, including various Steinberg audio products and Avid Pro Tools. I had to replace most of my utility programs, like DVD burning, diagnostics and security products, which are platform-dependent.

    Parallels (and bootcamp) use a significant chunck of your drive space, and the needs increase the more you use it. Moving ahead, I will keep OSX intact and just use one of my older PC laptops.
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    Thank you to all responders to my questions! Ed, I took a look at the Parallels pgm website, perhaps that is the solution. Andrew, that is unfortunate about the LR6 installer and Big Sur, I had high hopes in that direction. I do not want to go the subscription route since photography is basically still a hobby for me. My ignorance of the MacBooks is a real hindrance. Could I get a new Macbook Pro that has BigSur and downgrade it to an earlier OS easily? All of my experience is with Windows systems (and some Linux).
    I should mention that the new laptop would be for travel and that it would be used primarily to download files from my 645z for a quality check of the images but any serious editing would still be done on the WIndows workstation at home. Also, I do have a tether pgm that I would occasionally use with the laptop. Any additional thoughts would be appreciated.
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    You can do this with your older MacBook. A newer MacBook is far more unlikely to boot into an OLDER OS where you can install LR6. And the newest M1; impossible AFAIK.
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    I was afraid of that. Thanks Andrew.
  9. Strange, that as the underlying Apple hardware has converged with the PC (from Motorola 68xxx to Intel), that software compatibility has diverged. I guess it's because no programmer these days digs below the published OS SDK modules. And thus Bloatware rules!

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