Using the Nikon 85F1.8 G on D3xxx/D5xxx?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by fast_primes, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Any gotcha's on using a Nikon 85F1.8 G lens on models like the Nikon D5300? How about back-focus or registration issues? Since the D3xxx/D5xxx do not offer autofocus/back-focus(?) adjustment of the D7xxx series, can I be sure Nikon's production tolerances are on the money for shooting the 85 wide open?
  2. I think the amount of chatter on the internet on back- and frontfocus correction is more a sign of how confusing it is to many users, rather than a sign of every single lens needing adjustment. For ages, we made photos without adjusting lenses, and it went all fine. Sure it's nice to have the option to adjust, but it's not said that production tolerances are such that you have to do it.
    So, no more gotchas than you would have had before AF adjustments became part of the menu options.
  3. My 85/1.8G does not seem to need AF fine tune on any body I have tried it on. Actually, the same comment would apply to the 28/1.8G I had and the 70-200/4 AFS-G I have. So, I am thinking that the latest generation of lenses seem to work pretty well in general with at least reduced necessity to tweak AF, in my experience.
    I would add that the DOF is narrow at 1.8 and close distances, so the lens may be pretty accurate but very minor AF errors or subject-camera relative movement will probably result in some slightly OOF frames in actual use.
  4. I am sure everyone has, at least once, had AF focus on the background, and not the actual subject.

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