Using still (ie:5dII) for video

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by cordek, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Has anyone been using still cameras for video? And, if so, would be so kind to provide details as to your procedure. I read the Canon manual over and over and over. Tried my 24/70 without an acceptable product. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi Ron, I've done some interview-style work in studios, mainly as a feasability study. When you say you've tried "without an acceptable product," do you mean NO success, as in you couldn't get it to work, or the results had poor quality?
    With a 5D Mk II, I ran everything with manual settings, both exposure and custom white balance, then saved these to one of the "custom" settings (the custom dial on top of camera). (Another custom setting is reserved for still photos under flash.) For audio, I preset the gain manually; things worked pretty well with some external mics. I was pretty happy with the results.
    Is this any help? Or can you elaborate a little more?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, guys. I understand the settings and such. I'm trying to grasp a better way of video from still camera procedures. It's been suggested that a book: still to motion gives an a-z of it. I used an external mic and stationary pod. I do stop action sports and the idea to incorporate video with my still is very appealing. I can't get more specific, just trying to understand what others have experienced and their set up procedures that are not found in the manual.
  4. Do you mean stop-frame animation, Ron?
  5. Ron, I'm just not getting the idea of what you're looking for.
    I'm by no means a video expert, just a long-time serious photo guy who's sat in on a couple of manufacturer-sponsored video seminars. The big things that were promoted there were aftermarket accessories, such as remote viewfinders and focus-pulling attachments. If this is what you have in mind, try places such as (the other big players escape my recollection).
    I've never tried DSLR video for sports, but it seems to me that an accessory viewfinder, where you put your eye up against it, would be helpful to block out the sunlight. And once you go to a live video, the sophisticated autofocus hardware is disabled; I don't know what the best answer to this is.
    I think you'll need editing software for serious work; I've use Final Cut, which only runs on Macs.
  6. It almost sounds like you need two cameras set close to each other where one is taking video and one is taking stills. You would edit in your still shots into the video using a video editor, unless you grab stills off your video stream. That I don't know. I'm not really clear as to what your are doing.

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