Using Self-Timer with MD-12 Motor Drive

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Analog Amateur, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I have been taking photos for the last 2 years with my Nikon FM2n and through the years I have managed to collect some of its cool accessories including ML-2 Modulite Remote Control which allows you to use your camera from some 100 meters away of it. So I played with my new toys for a time but an aspect of this accessory bugs me. If I try to take a photo of my friends with me among them I always end up taking a photo in which I am holding the big remote controller from 80s obviously. I want to use this feature with the self timer set so that when I press the button on the remote control I will be able to hide the remote control somewhere else and then take my place in the photo and will not look like I am changing the television program from my old TV. My question is, is it possible? Or is there a possibility that I will damage the mechanism of my camera or electronics of its accessories if I do that?

    Thank you for replies.
  2. I THINK you could just use the camera self timer and normal shutter release with the MD-12 attached. For safety, though, just take the MD-12 off an use the camera self timer and shutter release.
  3. Well the thing is I bought the remote control module in case I take a photo of myself from really far away. I didn't want to buy a meters long shutter release :D My camera's self timer takes about 9 seconds before it takes the photo and even though I use like a 3 meter long shutter release, for some situations it won't be enough. Thanks for your suggestion anyway :)
  4. Get a very long selfie stick.
  5. It should not be too hard to concoct a wireless remote using some sort of cheap pair of devices that close a contact, then connect that contact to a plug that goes into the remote connection socket. Two pins shorted at the connection will fire the shutter, can't remember which two.

    Likely a remote device to fire the shutter from a cable release connection is made, also.
  6. To directly answer the OP's question, or as directly as possible-I pulled out an FE2 with an MD12 on it.

    There's an FM2n with an MD12 in the car, but it's cold outside now, and I inadvertently grabbed the wrong camera the one trip I made out thinking I was getting it(how one confuses an FM2n/MD12 with an F4/MD-20, I don't know, but I did). In any case the FE2 and FM2n are similar enough that my results should be valid.

    Also, I used an MC-12A, which is the wired remote and works with the MD-12 along with the F4s(and a couple of other cameras), but I think electrically it works the same as the ML-2-it's the same screw-in connection and has the same two basic pins(which I think are just shorted to trigger the shutter release).

    With the self timer set and the MC-12A connected, it works exactly as would be expected. I set the shutter speed to 1s to make absolutely sure, and with the self timer set when the remote release is activated the mirror raises and the shutter fires(and in my case stayed open for 1s) at the end of ~10 seconds.

    AFAIK, the communication between the MD-12 and the all the FM/FE series cameras is the same-the 4 electrical pins signal advance, and a mechanical pin triggers the shutter release button on the baseplate when the drive-mounted release is used. A remote release connected to the MD-12 works the same as the shutter button on top of the grip.
  7. ben_hutcherson Sir thank you for putting your own camera in danger to answer my question :) I live in a country in which these equipments is really expensive even though it is from 80s so I asked to you before trying. Now I can use my remote control as intended. Thank you all for all the replies.
  8. It works but only for 1 shot. You have to reset the timer for the next shot which makes the use of the MD-12 and remote release not really necessary.

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