using photoshop to crop multiple images

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by david_lee|2, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I have a series of pictures that I'd like to crop, but I'd like to
    crop them in exactly the same way, i.e., in the exact same position
    in each of the pictures.

    I have Photoshop 7. Is there a way to place the cropping frame in
    the exact same place and with the same dimensions in each picture?

  2. Are the images all the same size? If so, you can just record an action and then use Automate/Batch to play back on all the images.
  3. You could place the different image on multiple layers on a new canvas to make sure that they line up properly (hold the shift key while dragging to place them in the same position and lower the opacity to line them up)
    Then Crop the "Package" and save the different Layers as separate files (use the "Export Layers to File" script for that one)
  4. Here's what I do. Use the crop tool and crop the image too big. Set the width and heigth to 3 x 2, no resolution. You just want to get the center point in the same spot. It could be on the subject or on something in the background, whatever you want. Then go to Image | Canvas Size.... and change width units to pixels. Then pick an image size that will work for all the photos (1200 x 800 etc). Be sure and uncheck 'relative' and it will crop them all to the same size.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I decided to use Denis' method since I wanted to first be able to place the cropping frame exactly as I wanted. I did sacrifice some picture quality, though, since I had to convert the images to 8 bits before I could move them to the new canvas.
  6. I only have Photoshop 7, and I don't think it has an "Export layers to file" script. Is there an easy way to do this in PS7 instead of "saving as" the multiple-layered image and then deleting the extra layers?
  7. Follow Todd's advice.
  8. I agree with Denis, and I appreciate the tip on Export Layers to Files 'cause I never knew it existed (the Help section didn't help just now in looking it up, but someone mentioned Scripts and that's where it is: File - Scripts - Export.)

    As to how to do it without that script, what I'd do is just as Denis said - drag them all onto one file (holding down Shift to line them up if they're of the same scene), and then I'd simply Save As and delete the top file and Save As and so on, moving down the stack.

    I was doing it as JPEGs, which automatically compresses the layers. If you do it as PSD or Tiff you'd have to flatten the file yourself before or after Save As. If you do it before, just use History to Undo the Merge Visible.

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