Using Off Camera Flash on my Huawei P30 and iPhone 11 Pro

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  1. As promised here are some pictures of my shoot last week. :)

    lores IMG_20210114_143310.jpg

    Huawei P30 Pro 1/250 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO100 with 4 CPFlash units

    Diagram 1 Roman Ruins.jpg

    The master CPFlash struggled with softbox because the sun was still shining brightly since I am shooting wide angle, I need to position the cpflash so not it wont be visible on the picture. So I remove the softbox and shoot with a parabolic reflector bowl and shoot at full power. The CPFlash slave 1 was set at 30% power output Slave 2 and 3 were set at 10% power. :)
  2. Here is another set up in a barn

    lores IMG_20210114_153844.jpg
    Huawei P30 Pro 1/200 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO100 with CPFlash 550W off camera flash

    Diagram 2 Porch Country.jpg
  3. Here is a related shot in the same setting. :)

    lores IMG_20210114_153249.jpg

    Huawei P30 Pro 1/200 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO100 with CPFlash 550W off camera flash
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  4. now I'm thinking of buying Huawei P30 Pro too :)
    This are really great photos. Do you have any tips about positioning of your lights? like where do I need to put the lights to create dramatic effects like your photos.

    Thank you for creating this thread John. really really helpful
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  5. Look at John’s diagrams in two of his posts.
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  6. James, Its not actually hard. Its just like following a template. :)

    If you have been following this thread, it would be obvious by now, that there are some type of photography that you just can't achieve without off camera flash not unless you are a computer expert and spend days or weeks editing the photo too look like it was taken with an off camera flash.

    One of the basic shot that I usually do with a high degree of acceptable images is to position a main flash and place multiple off camera flashes behind or beside the model . Its actually a template formula shot.

    Usually this multiple off camera flash, is set at low power. Of course you have to experiment on the power output levels that you eventually like.

    The app of the CPFlash 550W allows you to set the flash duration and output levels of your main flash and your slave flashes without getting out of the camera app. All of these are done via radio, making it very convenient and fast to do so.

    You should try it James , if you have some off camera flash Speedlight's, its not actually hard, and using small off camera flashes will add some drama in the image, that a straight camera shot without flashes would not be able to achieve. Its even much easier to achieve with your smartphone and the CPFlash. I suggest that you try it with your DSLR/Mirrorless or a smartphone. An off camera flash like the CPFlash 550W for your smartphone/DSLR/Mirrorless or a Canon/Nikon/Godox/Yongnou Speedlight for your DSLR/Mirrorless camera (Xenon Flash won't work with your phone camera).

    You will probably be amazed with the results and would probably be addicted to it. The nice thing about the CPFlash 550W is it comes with many extras like 6 magnetic filters and DSLR hot shoe trigger and Phone Camera trigger.

    Here is another example of a shot based on a proven template. :)

    lores IMG_20201119_154255.jpg
    Huawei P30 , 1/100 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO400

    Celsa Diagram Setup 2 (Big Jar on the Left).jpg
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  7. John, those schematics are excellent and very helpful. It’s generous of you to include them.
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  8. I just got back here. Wow! a lot have been posted here. Your shots really take my breath away John. :)
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  9. The diagrams are outstanding and very helpful. Thank you for including them.
    With the CPFlash, you can control all 4 of them with the just the app? That would make taking photos really easy and convenient. If we use a lot and have them positioned far from each other it will be very tiring to change the power because you need to go to each of them and if you're using a lightstand you need to lower it then raise it again. Using an app is a very brilliant idea!
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  10. Yes gogoshane you can control all the flash power output level and flash duration from from your smartphone. Makes it fast and easy and convenient. :)

    I took a screen shot of the flash duration and power controls. You don't need to go out of the native camera app to be able to adjust controls. This is with android with iOS its different but workable too. :)

    Control2 Adjustment CPFlash.jpg
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  11. You are welcome Ludmilla. I really like to teach and my measure of success in teaching is when people knows how to do it and they can do it better that I can. I am looking at teaching for free when I retire 5 years from now. I think I have saved enough in y 401K for me and my wife to survive until we are age 100 years old. :)

    You can actually try off camera flash photography. Your Ricoh is a very capable camera and you can try its features. You have a choice of using xenon bulb flash or the CPFlash 550W, both ways you should be able to achieve the same results.

    The shots are formulatic and follows a basic template and you can experiment on your own . The results are .. at the very least different and cannot be achieve with any camera without the off camera flashes. Not unless you spend days or weeks editing your photo to achieve the same results.

    Here is another formula shot. following the basic template. :)

    lores IMG_20210114_165618.jpg
    Huawei P30 smartphone 1/250 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent ) ISO 100

    Here is the photodiagram. The correct location of the main flash should be in the left of the model. :)

    Diagram 5 Wooden Swing.jpg

    BTW I made a mistake in the diagram. The main flash should be on the left side of the model. I just noticed it right now. :)
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  12. 3 weeks ago I had an opportunity to take some action shots with a ballerina. :)

    lores IMG_20210124_163602.jpg
    Huawei P30 , 1/1600 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO200

    lores IMG_20210124_170730.jpg
    Huawei P30 , 1/1600 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO200

    Lighting set-up is basically the same for the shoot. 2 CPFlash 550W on the left and on the right of the model at full power located about 15 feet away from the model. :)

    lores Behind The Scenes.jpg Diagram Jumping No Smoke.jpg
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  13. Finally I found time to shoot after a 2 months hiatus. I will be updating this thread in the next few days. I will prepare the tutorial and explanation for the shots I took.

    here is a teaser. Would anybody dare to guess how many CPFlash 550W I used to achieve this shot? :)

    lores IMG_20210312_153206.jpg
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  14. Okay As promised I will discussed the shot above and how it was taken. So here is the shot. The concept that I want to convey in this Shot is about a girl discovering a horde or treasure from Grandma's Treasure Chest in the stock room. :)

    lores IMG_20210312_153206.jpg

    This shot was taken with all artificial lights. No natural light was utilized in this shot. Here is a shot without triggering the CPFlash, It was almost completely dark.
    lores IMG_20210312_152006.jpg

    And here is the photo diagram of the shoot. The exposure details are also included in the photo diagram. Baul.jpg

    From the diagram you can see that I used 4 CPFlash 550W. The master CPFlash located at the left side of the photo was used to light the hair of the model. because a snoot drastically reduces the power output of any speedlight connected to it, I have to increase the power of the CPFlash to 50%. The snoot also makes the output limited to a very small portion, if i don't use the snoot, it will light up the whole image. The snoot makes selective lighting possible.

    Slave number 1 is placed inside the treasure chest and to emphasize the subject and light the face of the model. :)
    It is set at 10% power. anything from 5% to 15% would have been acceptable and depends on the photographer.

    Slave number 2 was positioned outside the window and add mood the photo. The use of a double blue filter reduced the output a little bit but it increased the mood and the color of the photo. It also conveys the message that it is night time. I have to increased the power of this light to 100% or full power.

    Slave number 3 was added to put front detail as there was almost no detail on the pile of junk on the right side which sends the message that this might be an old stockroom with a lot of household junk. It also give detail to the legs of the model as it was very dark it that area. It ws set at very little power of 2% just to give a minute amount of light on the photo.

    BTW If you have any questions on off camera flash photography, not necessarily with a smartphone, I will be very happy to answer it to the best of my ability. :)
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  15. I do not recommend the CPFlash 550W if you are using it to overpower a bright sunny day. It has similar power rating as a standard speedlight like the Canon 600 EX or the Nikon SB900 or equivalent from Sony, Godox and Yongnou which is not adequate for a bright hot sunny day. It can be used for fill in flash applications but under a bright sun, I recommend locating the CPFLash 550W about 1.5 meters away or less. But in shaded area or indoors the CPFLash is perfect for on location shooting because of its portability and power that is more than enough.

    Here is a photo taken under shade of a screened barn during a bright sunny day. :)

    lores IMG_20210312_142344.jpg

    The photo was intentionally under exposed by my estimate by more than 4 stops or else the background will all be wash out. To get details in the foreground specially the chickens, I placed a cpflash in front and set its power to just 2 % . Just to get the detail of the chickens. Here is the photo diagram of the picture. :)

    Chicken farm.jpg
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  16. wow. this thread has been updated a lot since my last visit.
    the photo diagram is very much helpful for us, thank you for this John. I also noticed that you added your camera settings to the diagram, another excellent and very helpful idea!

    how do you trigger your CPFlash using a DSLR camera?
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  17. James the CPFlash 550W System comes with a hot shoe trigger for your DSLR and mirrorless cameras. :)


    131384497_3597042203720581_8369199943348700105_n.jpg 130713335_416656129464296_4046383282111351767_n.jpg

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