Using Kodak Flexicolor SM chemicals on Jobo ATL processor

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by dave_cheng|1, May 13, 2005.

  1. This may be a stupid question as Kodak SM chemicals are designated
    for commercial SM processors only. However, if I understand correctly,
    for example of C-41 SM developer F1 and F2 are really just developer
    replenisher. It is used with no mixing to replenish working C-41
    developer with precison small quantity programmed and controlled by
    the SM processor.

    My question is if I use precision plastic syringe to inject correct
    amount of part A, B and C from SM chemical F1 or F2, according to
    Kodak processing manual, to my used C-41 developer (used working
    solution) and use the replenished working solution on my JOBO ATL-2300
    rotary processor, will it work at all? Does it make sense trying to
    do that? I found a way to buy SM chemicals finally. And it seems to be
    the only way for me to get larger quantity of chemicals for my JOBO
    machine now. Ron, are you there? You may be the only person who has
    the answer for me. Thanks.
  2. According to Kodak C-41 SM processing manual, SM chemicals are used
    directly to replenish working solutions with no pre-mixing. For example, Part A, B and C of the SM developer are injected directly with a fixed ratio of A:B:C:water into working developer in the processor. As long as the ratio is strictly kept constant the rate of replenishment can be determined by running control strips. SM processor is required to ahcieve precison injection to keep the ratio contant and to regulate the rate of replenishment.

    It looks to me that Kodak SM chemicals are really no different from regular C-41 chemicals in terms of processing time and processing
    steps. So C-41 is C-41 regardless it is C-41 SM or just C-41.
    If I pre-mix C-41 SM chemicals I should be able to use it just like
    regular C-41.

    C-41 SM chemicals seem a good alternative for me. The SFO Bay Area is
    a region about 100x50 miles in size with a population of 7.1 millions.
    Somehow in such a large metropolitan region I can't find a Kodak
    dealer or supplier that sells a 3-1/2 sized C-41 developer without
    ordering a quantity of 4 or more. Is it Kodak marketing or is it
    film is dead? I don't know. But it looks to me Kodak marketing is
    working toward killing films.

    Anyway, it seems I am able to get a supply of SM chemicals from a
    minilab owned by a guy who is willing to let me buy some from him.
    I hope to be able to keep my comsuption of films alive and my ATL
    running through this summer.
  3. Dave,

    I would suggest mixing the replenisher with (most of) the water, then meter in A, B, & C; then top off with water.

    Fuji Hunt C41 chemistry is used more and more these days, since it costs less...
  4. Dan, Kodak SM chemical F1 and F2 contain part A, B and C in separate
    bottles. The processing manual gives a ratio of A:B:C:water to replenish
    the working solution without pre-mixing. SM processors are programmed
    to release part A, B, C and water precisely at the ratio into the
    working solution. So I think what I can do with the SM chemical is
    to pre-mix part A, B, C and water at the same ratio to make up the
    replenisher. The ratio of A:B:C:water need to be accurate or the resulted working solution may not have the correct concentration of
    each ingredient of the developer for standard C-41 process.

    I guess I don't understand your "top up with water" part. It will
    make the replenisher in incorrect concentration. I will keep looking for Fuji-Hunt chemicals in the Bay Area. I have never used it. But
    I am willing to give it a try.

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