Using a portable studio light on the street in NY area?

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  1. I've been researching about the permit and rule about using a portable studio light like Profoto B1, Godox AD200, and more since I wanted to try using it. However, I am not able to get any information. For specific parks like central park, brooklyn bridge park, hudson river park, and more, I got what I need to know. However, I have no idea about other locations and parks. Nobody even mention anything about this. I know that I need to pay for commercial works but what about none commercial uses? I dont see any rules or guide lines about it. I kept sending message to NY office but I got nothing about it.

    I want to shoot portrait pics with a studio light on the street but Im quite afraid that I cant since I dont know anything about the rule. Where can I obtain information about using a studio light on the street?
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  3. Just common sense:
    • Lights seem permitted, stands might be an issue. - Solutions: a) Don't get caught. / b) Have somebody hold the light on a monopod.
    Prepare to get busted.
    Carry one envelope with taxi / subway fees $$s for your model, another with printed out "messages to NYC office" to proof that you tried to be law abiding. Select your lawyer to be before you 'll get into trouble big enough to justify their fees.

    Concerning commercial or not: Expect the rules to be ill worded and not at all in your favor. They are supposed to guide overworked police and meant to keep the place functional: "If it looks commercial according to our definition, it is commercial". - Your goal will be to dodge potential fines and their goal is to chase you away.
  4. I have shot plenty of Manhattan images using a tripod. While not a studio light, the grip (tripod) was resting on the ground. I was shooting 4x5 and each frame took a while to frame and expose the film. No harassment, ever.
  5. tripods are permitted light stands are not. You will need a permit if you use light stands. Parks and National parks and any privately owned land will require permission first. Carry $20 on you to tip the guard that approaches you.
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