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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by paddler4, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Anyone use their Canon DSLR as a webcam? EOS utility gives me a great video on my screen, but apps like Zoom don't see the camera. Some people recommend additional software, but I am hesitant to use software without some first-hand experience.
  2. I don't. I did consider it earlier this week for set up for a one-off video chat with a few friends. I browsed through a couple of web articles and decided that it was (for me) too much hassle with little prep time. And that the investment in a (mini-)HDMI-USB cable, possibly a video-converter and/or paid (non-watermarked) versions of specialized software would be as high or even higher than the price of a dedicated 'good enough' external webcam. Leaving aside the sound quality issues.

    I think whether and how use a DSLR as a webcam depends a lot on the frequency of use, the level of video quality you want and your budget. If you want or need to regularly stream good quality video, then I would say 'go for it'. If the video quality is not a big issue, then there are still webcams available (but hard to find). Using your mobile phone as a webcam is another option too.

    There are quite a few articles and video's around on this topic.These are just a couple I came across and browsed through:
    - How to Use DSLR as a Webcam in 2020? (at
    - How To Use Your DSLR As A Webcam (Simple Answer!) (at
    - Using a DSLR as a Webcam - A guide & tutorial (at

    Sorry I don't have any personal experience.


  3. Mike,

    thanks. I've decided that it is too much bother. I too found lots of articles and videos on the web, but they all required additional software that I was reluctant to trust. A better webcam will be sufficient for me. I was exploring this because webcams, like toilet paper and hand cleaner, vanished off the shelves when people started worrying about COVID 19. I ordered one a few weeks ago and recently got an email saying that, supplies permitting it will be shipped the beginning of June. Meanwhile, I'll have to make do with the ancient low-quality one that I have. A vendors on Amazon say they have the one I ordered, but they are scalping them for 3x the normal price. When I first looked, it was 4x.

  4. Same issue here; special cable and buying software I'm not familiar with. Webcams seem to be sold out everywhere. I got a promotional email from B&H for them, but when I went to the site everything you might want was sold out. The people I chat with probably didn't need to see me and my mess anyway.
  5. I ordered one from B&H. They don't scalp, unlike many Amazon vendors. I'll wait.
  6. What exactly did you order. "Ordered one" is vague.

  7. I ordered a Logitech C920HD.
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  8. It seems Canon just released a free EOS webcam utility (beta version, so far windows only) - I got a news feed about it.
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  10. Just tried the Webcam Beta and it works with 7D II ! Haven't tried it with 5D IV yet. Thanks Canon!
  11. They haven't gotten to the previous generation of bodies yet, and that's what I have. Hopefully, it won't be too long.
  12. Hoping to see a Mac version at some point.
  13. Canon EOS Webcam Utility Beta LINK Allows you to use a lot Canon EOS camera models with many popular video conferencing programs like Zoom.
  14. Thanks. Yes, that's the same software Jochen noted above. I just checked the page you linked, and the list of cameras still doesn't (and may never) extend back to the bodies I own.

    At this point, it may be a moot point for me. Supposedly--I believe it when it actually happens--my new webcam is supposed to ship in two weeks or so.

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