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  1. I am traveling next week and am going to be using the canon 500mm lens on a
    wimberely gimbal head using a 580 ex2 canon flash with a better beamer (see
    arthur morris' website My question is most people mount
    their flash with better beamer not directly on the camera but on a seperate collar
    either on the tripod head or a collar that fits on the lens. The problem is i am
    renting both the 500mm and the gimbal head so i cant kust purchase one of those
    flash collars. am i still going to get the same results by just mounting the flash
    with better beamer directly on the camera hot shoe? let me know if anyone has
    any suggestions on this topic. Thanks.
  2. Actually, Arther Morris no longer uses a bracket for his flash, (See ). He mounts his flash directly on camera. I imagine that he just uses Photoshop to correct any red/steel eye he may get.

  3. My understanding is that you risk casting a shadow from a hotshoe mounted flash, depending on the size of the lens and its hood.

  4. If you are doing close up work you can cast a shadow, but with a Better Beamer, you are lighting up an area far in front of the lens.
  5. Hi David,<br><br>
    As long as the flash's lighting can reach over the barrel of the lens and not cast shadow from the end of the lens creating a unwanted partial shadowed effect in the final results you'll be fine.<br>

    I use remote flash sometimes, where I dont even have to worry about that problem at all. You should be able to find a flash mount for the gimble tripod if not jerry-rig it.
    Paul :)
  6. As John Watson said, you often get serious eye-shine problems, so you should be prepared to deal with that.

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