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  1. I am completely digital now, 5D Markii, 7D, with 550EX and ST-E2, etc.
    I have two several EZ Speeklite. I understand I can only use them in Manual mode. My question is:
    Is any way to use EZ as a slave with it's set to Manual, with EX as Master? I just don't want to throw away EZ.
  2. Christopher,
    There is, by using optical slaves, but the truth is that it is probably not the best way to go. I am having a great time with a set of RF 602 radio triggers off eBay. Very reliable, get all flashes off camera and around $70 for trigger and three slaves.
  3. The EZ units can't be used as wireless E-TTL flash units, with an EX set to master mode. This is because they were built before wireless E-TTL existed.
    They can only be used as slaves in an all-manual setup.
  4. well, i am aware of all the above.
    What I am looking for is:
    1. using 430ez as slave with manual setting
    2. the slave is triggered by the EX's wireless.
    Any slave trigger receiver to attach the EZ to?
  5. Like Scott wrote, you can mount the 430EZ on an optical slave trigger. That's the cheapest route if you want to use it once in a moon. Radio slave triggers are the way to go if you plan serious use.
    2. the slave is triggered by the EX's wireless.​
    Ain't gonna happen. Neither optical or radio slaves can deal with E-TTL wireless light pulses.
  6. 1. if optical, then it could be triggered by EX's wireless pre-flash.
    2. radio triger, then i can't use any of my EX's
  7. 1) You can fire an optical trigger with a shoe (or cord) mounted 550EX flash, but you will have to use a "digital aware" optical slave that either ignores the preflashes, or delays the firing to after the shutter opens. There are several available. Using a "dumb" slave device will fire the EZ flash before the shutter is open.
    2) You can use a shoe (or cord) mounted 550EX flash at the same time as a radio slave. Plug the radio master into the PC port, and connect the flash to the hotshoe. Controlling exposure might be tricky if using the EX flash in E-TTL mode, but should be workable with them set to manual.
    I'm not sure how the ST-E2 would work for tripping digital aware optical slaves, but I'm thinking it should work. Same in conjunction with the radio slave; it should work but I've never tried it.
  8. if i strictly use all ez and all manual, what would be reasonable radio master and slave system?
  9. I use an optical trigger and it is designed to ignore the E-TTL pre-flash. Works fine with my old manual Vivitar units and my 430EX or popup. Even if he finds an old 1990s optical trigger that doesn't ignore pre-flash, it is a moot point since the OP stated he will be shooting manual flash (no E-TTL).
  10. Christopher,
    I already told you! Search eBay for RF 602. Transmitter and three slaves are about $70, they work perfectly.
  11. just purchased RF602
    I might even buy more used 430Ez or 420Ez... strictly use all Manual and having fun with handheld light meter,ets...
  12. Find a radio trigger that can use the PC port on the side of your camera. Then you can use whatever you want on the hotshoe and also remotely fire the trigger from the PC port. Best of both worlds.
  13. Dan,
    The 602 can do that. One of the best features of the 602's is that they come with a hotshoe, that means you can trigger any flash, even if it has no external port.

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