User opinions on Hasselblad HC4 and other prisms?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by mike_scott|2, May 27, 2003.

  1. Considering a used prism for 500cm that my wife & I share. She wears
    glasses, I do not. Found a couple of options on, but
    without ability to try them out I'm not sure which way to go. Here's
    the description of the HC4:

    HC4 RIGHT ANGLE VIEWER 52086 Prism viewfinder, 90 degree sighting
    angle, Unreversed image magnified 3 times. Adjustable diopter
    correction (-5 to +5). Usable with Polaroid back but short viewing
    tube will not allow use with 70mm magazine. Name later changed to
    Reflex Viewfinder RM.

    I'm also considering a NC-2 or maybe even one of the Kiev finders.
    I've searched through the archive and read all I can find, but didn't
    find a single mention of the HC4...

    I'll appreciate any assistance.
  2. I'll be in a similar position to you soon, when I've got a few bob to spend on a new finder for my bitza 'blad. Having used a 90 degree finder the only warning I'd give is that they're damned near impossible to use without a handgrip of some type. That's why the 45 degree types are so popular: you can handle the camera the same way as you do with a waist level finder.

    If you're prepared to get a handgrip (or the pistol grip) I'd think the HC-4 is well worth considering.
  3. The NC-2 and its Kiev clone are not very useful because you have to use them without glasses (I have the Kiev one, its o.k.). Of course you can put diopters into them so that your wife can focus but then you can't. Another solution would be to buy two Kiev finders, one for your wife and one for you. The only single finder I know of that would be useful for you is the Hasselblad PM-45 or PME-45. Unfortunately somewhat pricey.

  4. I use the NC2 because of my eyesight. You can insert a corective lense under a locking ring on the inside of the eyepice. All you need is to get your optician to cut the lenes the same size as a quarter and it will drop in perfectly. I have been using this finder with corrective lenses for years along with a accumat screen.I also bought the Hassey magnifier for this finder $250.00,this will not work with my correction. P.S. the locking ring is already in the eyepiece all you have to do is screw it out, put the lenes in and screw it back in.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Harvey, I hadn’t thought of the ergonomics issue. Sounds like the HC-4 would work ok with my Metz flash attached or on a tripod, but some kind of grip would be necessary otherwise.

    Ulrik & Russell, thanks for the info on corrective lenses for the NC-2. I’m really the one who wants the prism, the Mrs. is happy with the waist level finder. I was considering the HC-4 because it seemed like something we could share. I might just go with the standard NC-2 for my use and consider another for her in the future. The his & hers arrangement wouldn’t be awful…

    I would like to hear from more folks who have used the HC-4 finder though – anyone out there?
  6. I owned a hassie with an old 90 degree finder. I now have a 45 Kiev. Much easier to use, IMHO.
  7. The HC4 has been my favorite prism for years. I have a rather small face and use my left eye for focusing. It fits me and/or my face perfectly in my opinion. It is not quite as bright as the NC-2 or the Keiv TTL prism - both of which I also have. A Maxwell screen overcomes the brightness issue.

    That said, I don't believe that the finder can be used while wearing glasses. Since I wear contacts that is no problem but the adjustment is not sufficent for me if I don't have my contacts on. But I am very nearsighted.

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