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  1. I want to do some 3D photography using a pair of point and shoot cameras attached together. I don't plan to make a huge financial investment, so I'm hoping to buy some older cameras, but I'm finding it very hard to get information on what was good 3-5 years ago.
    I like the Canon Elph form-factor, and the current production SD780's look great (except they're about 4 times what I'm looking to spend). Can anyone offer some suggestions? Obviously 4-5 megapixels are plenty, but I'd like to keep 3x optical zoom. And I don't care about the silly modern toy features like blink detection. Also am I going to have problems with batteries, etc? I want something that was popular enough at the time I can easily find now and that was higher quality in its day (I mean I can get 10 megapixel garbage for under $100 brand new now, that's not what I want).
    Thanks for any ideas you can offer.
  2. Any of the Canons or Pentaxes ought to be good. I loved my 5mp Optio S4i, I but dropped it one too many times. I'd look for a camera that uses AA batteries, but a lot of replacement batteries are available on the web if you look around.
  3. The Canon A series are all good. People have even been bouncing our church's borrowed A530 on the floor here, and it still takes pretty good photos (with easily replaced AA batteries.) They're tough little low maintenance cameras. You could probably find used samples of these (Hopefully not previously bounced on the floor) for under $60.00 on eBay.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I wasn't really looking at the ones that take AA batteries just because they're a lot larger. Though maybe I should. The last point and shoot I had as 2.3 megapixels (just to give an idea of the time period), and would drain AA metal hydrides in about 50 pictures or 30 minutes, I never really used it for that reason. Did that improve a lot by the A530?
  5. If you don't mind messing with SmartMedia cards there are some excellent digicams from the early 2000s that are probably dirt cheap now. I've owned three Olympus P&S digicams from that era, all of which have been very reliable but aren't worth much used because of the SmartMedia cards. The C-2xxx and C-3xxx series had excellent zooms.
  6. John: The later small digicams use MUCH less battery power now. You could get a couple hundred shots easily on a set with the later A series Canons.
  7. Howard Vrankin: "John: The later small digicams use MUCH less battery power now. You could get a couple hundred shots easily on a set with the later A series Canons."
    I have a Canon Powershot A620 (one of the swivel-screen ones), and I routinely get 250 shots on four AA rechargeables. Of course, the power consumption depends a lot on how much browsing and viewing and menu-fiddling is done on the screen, but shooting itself is not particularly power-hungry. A620 is from 2006 if I remember right, and it's 7.1 MP. The four AAs inside the grip part make it nicer to handle and a little less likely to shake, but it's big and heavy as P&S cameras go.

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