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  1. I have been checking the different ad sources lately and have not seen any black m6 for sale. Not ready to buy yet, just checking. Have no interest in e bay. Is every body hanging on to there m6? I remember when m6 where very available. The black m6 with .85 seems quite far and few between. Any comments? Gus.
  2. The black m6 with .85 seems quite far and few between​
    Naturally, only 3,130 were produced. Didn't hang on to my "early" M6 still produced in Wetzlar - sold two years ago.
  3. I think that lately it has been a buyers market for M6 and M7......the prices seem depressed. I had thoughts earlier this year of selling my black M6TTL .72, but decided against it after I realized the price range similar cameras were selling for so I'll just keep it and its M2 companion.
  4. Please look on RFF, Gus Gus.
  5. The M6 with the .85 finder is out there. Refusing to consider eBay is not being very smart if you really want one, but I do know of one other place..
    Sherry Krauter with Golden Touch Repair has two of them. Check her list...
  6. I agree with Robert. Prices do seem a bit depressed. I have an M7 that I was going to sell but decided to wait it out. I think like everything else it runs in cycles.

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