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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Brian Murphy, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. My cousin is needs to sell a Canon 5D and a 5DMKii but she has no idea what price to ask. Where can I get an idea of what she should ask? She is selling because my other cousin, her brother passed away. I checked KEH and these two are not even listed.
  2. Check Ebay. You could ask KEH for a quote for these cameras and then use that as a basis for your sales price. FYI I sold most of my EOS stuff to KEH in March 2020, but did not bother with selling my 5D since the quote was so low.
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  3. I guess the OP means that these cameras are not available for an "instant quote"? They certainly sell them, even if they are not very enthusiastic about buying them.
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  4. Thank you, Ebay is in option. Sorry about the typos in my original message. My fingers worked overtime and my brain took the day off. DUH.
  5. Check MPB for an idea of price?

    for the USA site.
  6. SCL


    Check completed sales on Ebay, not asking prices, which usually are inflated.
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  7. Don't look for what's on sale at KEH. Check for what they will pay you for them. You may get more on eBay, but once you deduct eBay fees and shipping, not always. I usually sell to KEH because it's simple and hassle free.
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  8. eBay for sure BUT
    1. have full model name to search for
    2. look only for SOLD items - anyone can ask anything, but only prices for items actually sold are relevant
    3. be conscious of what is offered with a camera. Lenses etc., need to be separately priced
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  9. Adorama will give you quotes on used Cameras and lenses. I traded my Canon D6 and a few lenses to them for an RP. They will low ball you but they will give you ball park prices over the phone in their used department. Good luck.
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  10. I bought a used D5 for my dad six years ago for $400.

    My not so scientific pricing system is to multiply the price by 0.78 each year,
    which gets it down to about $90. But then there is shipping and such.
    Might be better to keep it, or give it to a friend who can use it.

    Nearby store has one for sale for $229, so a little more than above.

    Last year, I bought a Nikon D1X for $40, down in 20 years from $5350.
    (I already had a charger, and bought a non-Nikon battery for it.)

    The 5DmkII should be somewhat higher, but is also pretty old by now.
    Maybe $350 to $450, based on the $229 for the D5.

    For Nikon DSLRs, it is easy to find the shutter count, and that store will
    tell you what it is. Not so easy for Canon.

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