Used Amatuer Wedding Photographer in 1994 need help to improve pictures

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  1. Back in 1994 when budget was tight we had an amatuer photographer take our wedding pictures. It is, to this date, my biggest regret. Where can I find a service or freelance individual who will be able to enhance the photos (Things like the heads being cut off, yeah they are that bad) and improving the colours.
    I do not want another amatuer!
  2. Depends. It would help if you could upload some photos for reference. Also, you must be willing to pay for what you want. Restoration is a meticulous and tedious business. Many people charge by the hour and it's not unreasonable to charge $60-$150 an hour depending on what's needed to be done.
  3. To bad, because another amateur might give you far better bang for your buck...
    Seriously though, many common problems simply cannot be fixed - the data is simply not there to be modified, color corrected, layered or feathered. That is a hard lesson, I know, but how would you suggest someone fixing cut off heads? Even photoshop has it's limits. Sure, we could paste on somebody elses head but I don't think you'd be happy with that ;), and even substituting a head from another image is time consuming, and hit or miss (color, angle, etc.). I'm not saying many things can't be done, but your request is gonna cost.
    What is your budget for this project, and what is it's scope (num pics, condition of negs, scanned, etc)? In the end, the best that is actually doable, may very well be far far less than you want. I am curious to see how much you are expecting...
  4. A lot depends on whether you have the negatives or just prints. Depending on who did the printing they could have only printed the interior of the frame and cut off the edge, which means your cut-off heads can be restored by new printing. If the heads are cut off and you only have prints, then you're talking a major digital restoration using another, similar photo as a template to cut from and paste.
    It can be done, I know, I've done it. :) I've been a wedding photographer and while I've never had shots as bad as you describe, there have been shots I had to spend a good bit of time on to get looking right.
    It does cost money and it can take a lot of time. If I were you and money was tight I would try and restore just one or two prints first and see if you're happy before sending anyone your entire wedding photo collection.
  5. remeber this:
    an established photographer was asked by a widow if he could enhance a photo of her late husband,.
    the photographer took the assignment which among other things involved removing a hat worn in the photo.
    The photographer in reviewing the photo asked the widow
    " on which side did your husband part his hair"
    the widow replied
    " you will find that out when you remove the hat"
    so do not expect too much
  6. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    "Where can I find a service or freelance individual who will be able to enhance the photos"​
    What is the media with which we are dealing - do you have:
    • Files - what type? Hi-res; Low-res?
    • Prints?
    • A combination?
    There are Photo-Finishers (digital media) who do Digital Post Production as their job: I use one, sometimes.
    Most Wedding Photographers do all their own digital post production: some might want to take on additional Post Production work.
    Some Photographers (usually Wedding and Portrait Photographers who have worked with film) have the skills and experience in 'Restoration' and this is usually from PRINTS or sometimes, NEGATIVES.
    If the work is to be done from files, then you might be comfortable with sending a copy of the files anywhere in the world: but if the work is to be done from Prints, then a local person might be more suitable.
    So really you can search out either Wedding Photographers in your area or worldwide and also search for Digital Photo Finishers or Restoration Experts.
    Don't know about where you live but down here it would be easy to get an estimate of costs: mostly work is charged by the hour.
  7. Even if you have the negatives, if the in camera work is not up to standard, there could be little done to recover. You can do surprising things as you've probably seen, but this is likely working with digital files of decent resolution. Digital is "easier" in many ways, and I'm of course speculating, but amateur film photos could leave very little to work with.
    Scanning negatives to high resolution, paying someone to do extensive post production (emphasis on extensive), and then displaying/printing the images into an album or wall print (album might not be possible due to lack of usable photos). This could cost quite a lot. If you could get an estimate, or perhaps find just a few images you might want 'restoring' perhaps you could investigate.
    I have another suggestion Joe. 2014 will mark 20 years of marriage. This is quite a celebration! Whilst celebrating the 20 years together, why not look forward? You could renew your vows, hire a photographer, have a couple of portrait sessions together. Trust me, if you choose THE RIGHT photographer a portrait session around this time will be something you will really cherish. If you need help looking for a photographer for something like this, try starting a new thread asking in your area. Also try fredmiranda > weddings, lots of great photographers there.
  8. Joe if you have the negatives it is likely there is a lot that can be done by a professional photo finisher. color correcting done visually by a person is much better than what auto machines of the 90's did. Even if you only have prints something be done to improve them. click my name and send an email to me, I can direct you to a pro lab that has artist's to do the work.
  9. Email me...Are the negatives 35mm or medium format? A lot can be done.
  10. I guess Joe isn't interested! He never came back!
  11. A lack of basic courtesy on his part, in my opinion.
  12. I dunno, first time poster, perhaps a slightly older chap... he might not be aware of how active forum posts get. He might not expect instant replies, might have thought he'd come back to it in a couple of weeks... he could have even just forgot. Who knows.
  13. True enough, though I think Bob did message him with a kind offer of help. There seem to have been quite a few posters around the place who don't re-visit their threads, or who choose not to acknowledge the suggestions they receive, which is a shame.

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