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Discussion in 'Minox' started by dean doe, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. I am bidding at Minox 35mm camera on eBay, what are the current value
    on a fair condition used one? I have never owned a Minox so I don't
    know the differences of models EL, GL etc. Thanks for the input.
  2. The problem I've enountered is that the shutter sticks -- opens but doesn't close. That's what happened with two of three cameras I bought.

    Otherwise, they have a great lens, are very compact and the folding cover does a good job of protecting the optics.
  3. Kevin, here's an example of what I mean, though in this case I actually like the photo. Camera indicated something like 1/30, but I could hear the shutter open and close, and it was closer to 1/4:
    Johnston Road, Hong Kong
  4. Kelvin, two apologies. 1) sorry about misspelling your name. 2) I offered info about condition of the cameras, not value. These seem to go on eBay for between $75-$125 generally.

    Take a look here ( at Minox's Web site. Use the "History" link and then select "35mm" to see the various models. This should help you quite a bit.
  5. Thank you Mike for all your input. The one I am bidding on now did not mention if the camera works or not. I am a little concerned and also not sure if the batteries are readily available. It is a 1980's GT model.
  6. The GT is the newer model, although there is the GT, GT-E and GT-X. I think you can use either LR44 batteries or CR1/3N.

    If you get a chance, check out the FAQ on the Minox Web site.
  7. I would only recommend 35mm cameras up from GT - most problems appear with cameras which have an "L" in the name as far as I know. But: two of my tree GT models had to be sent to the service because the light meter (CDS-cell) had to be fixed/adjusted (underexposure), one had the described shutter problem. If they once work, those cameras will give pictures with an outstanding sharpness and they are easy to carry because of their size. The film speed can be set manually up to the model GT-E / GT-E II (this is important for ambitioned black and white photographers. The most interesting models are the GT-E and GT-E II because of the body shape, the included skylight filter in front of the lens and the possibility to set the distance down to 70 cm (GT= 90 cm) for close-up-photography. Those models also have bluecell-lightmeters which do not have to be serviced even after years. The battery replacement of MINOX has the name "35mm PowerPack" (prod.number 69106) costs 24,90 Euros in Germany and is a battery holder with an attached lid for the battery chamber of the 35mm cameras. It also contains two lithium batteries CR 1/3 N.
    A GT on german ebay sometimes is available for 55 Euros but one always has to face the fact that an expensive service could be necessary, a GT-E sometimes goes for 130 or 150 Euros. GT-E II with soft touch finish is hard to get because only a few have been built.
    The actual and still available new 35mm camera is the GT-S with a silver finish. The GT-X (formerly GT-D - only produced 1995 for some dealers before the name GT-X had been printed on the bodies) and the GT-S have a DX-code reader and the manual setting of the speed is impossible.

    Regards, Marcus
  8. The common problem with used Minox 35 camera is shutter problem. This is due the fact that their formuer owner literally use their camera as genuine pocket camera, ie put the camera in pocket or purse without the protection of any camera case, resulting in dust and lint got into the inside of the camera clogging the lens shutter solenoid.
    Minox 35 series cameras are still the smallest, lightest full frame 35mm camera which allow the use of any electronics flash, unlike most compact with built in but generally very weak flash.
    The Minoxar or Minoctar lense of Minox 35 is a superbly designed Tessar type lense.
  9. Prices are very different in USA, UK and Germany. There is also a very strong risk of the camera being un-repairable or repaired at a cost. I have one near mint GT-E that checked out okay. I put it on the shelf and a few months later when I came to use it the meter was useless. Salt had eaten through the circuit board and the camera was unrepairable and a total loss. A typical shutter or meter problems costs about 30-45GBP to get fixed and so far only one other camera remains unfixed and it appears to have never been used. Andrew Britton of MS Hobbies has been able to turn around other cameras in a few weeks. Although there is a risk of the camera needing a service you can also find cameras that have had the service recently done. It was the GT-E that first sparked my interest in the Minox 35mm range, but now having every model to test I still prefer the 35 ML. Not only do I feel happier with the LED display, the P and aperture setting modes but also with the feel of the camera. All the cameras look much the same, same over all dimensions and weight but they do feel different to handle. The photographs from the EL, AL and PL are not impressive, but those from the ML are. This is very relative and some users have better results from the AL than a range of other 35mm they have used. I have a Minolta SLR, pin sharp and a great lens. The ML is a match for it and the results and I don't think some of the other models are. I believe the GT-X produces prints of the same quality as the 35 ML, from the sample I have run through it and some will prefer the handling of the later models. I fuly expect the GT-E II and GT-S to be the same quality of print. The GT-S, GT-E II, GT-X, goldtop and GT-E are the most expensive of the standard production models to find second hand. The gold MDC, MDC, touring, decade and sports variations are limited production. For dating the serial number, table of differences and some photos of and by the cameras check out and all the manuals are online at which should help narrow down what you are looking for.
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