Use your phone camera much?

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  1. My PN mate Norman has bought a Fuji x100F.....good choice.

    It makes him happy, being happy with your choice of gear, is all what matters.

    Sort of think it's the bloke behind the gear.
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  2. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Allen, you’re making me blush.
  3. A Hawaii face at Times grocery.jpg The thing that makes me this thread kind of interesting. To think of how we look at these instruments. The handheld touch screen phone with the Wi Fi and Blu Tooth is an all purpose little computer that is now de rigeur for the commuter or business person. it can help one find the way to a coffee shop, keep your best friend;s telephone number, decipher the price of an article on the shelf, recognize faces and so many things. And takes calls no less and text messages...and stores em... It can also take pictures. Ta Da. Pretty decent ones at that. None of my cameras make calls, keep track of plane schedules and don't do anything but make photos. Poor camera. But it does that very well indeed. Is it vanity that says we like our specialized instruments, for me, I think so. " Nurse, get me the thoracic retractor. No the one for the sternum, not the lower ribs." I do not just use what I have on my person. And do not tell, I have heard some bloke still carries his Luna Pro in a little bag. Poor guy stuck in the last century. But, and I say this with interest, if Sony produces a small point and shoot that will clip onto a belt and go anywhere and not make my cargo shorts too bulky I would be interested. I thought this new Sony Xo would do the trick, but it gets lousy reviews. So I look for the specialized picture making device that is super mobile and part of my routine. Never forget spectacles, wallet, watch, and let us see...what else.. what can be a habit and still be a real camera.
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  4. AB8219DE-4FAA-40BD-80AF-629AD858FFE8.jpeg The quality of the shots that I get with my iphone astounds me. I don’t the heck they do it in that minute package. This is a quick shot in the clubhouse of a golf course that I played recently.
  5. Very seldom for photography use unless I just want to IM a quick photo of something to the family. Most times only for taking a photo of an Airline Baggage receipt or gas receipt to use in a business expense report. I don't make phone calls with my camera and don't use my phone for serious photography.
  6. I have done quite a bit of photography with my phone, mostly in the evenings, while walking back from work to the parking lot. Some examples of those can be found in my portfolio: My phone |

    If I have a dedicated camera, I would ignore my phone. If not, no qualms about whisking it out upon sighting a good opportunity :)

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