US Open (Tennis) Photography rules

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  1. This year we got some great seats for the semi-finals and I want to bring a nice camera with me to get some fun shots. I was hoping to bring my D3s with 70-200 2.8 vrii, 24-70 2.8, 2x tele and maybe a monopod just incase? has anyone had any experience with the US Open when you don't have press credentials? Thanks,
    ~ BH
  2. Their website should list the rules. Doubtful you can bring a monopod. Some venues have limits on lens sizes.
  3. Brian -
    According to their website - ALL Video recording devices are banned.
    Looking on a few other sites - they seem to limit the lens size (most I found were Canon users with white lenses) - but it seems to be hit or miss depending on who is searching. You can bring 1 bag - not a backpack or knapsack - and from what I found people were hiding their "pro" glass on the bottom of the bag.
    Never been there or done that - but there are no rules other than the one I mentioned about video on their site.
  4. You can bring a SMALL camera bag- no packpacks allowed and no monopod/tripods.
    I brought my 2 40Ds and Canon 70-200mm no problemo. Check the website for size restrictions on the bag.
  5. From this weeks Monday opening day........
  6. So a nice billingham 335 will do just fine then. thanks,
    Mark, what'd you use for that shot?
  7. Mark, I really like that shot!
  8. Great shot, Mark.
    The one time I went to the US Open our tickets were on the top row of what was then the main stadium (in 1995). I didn't have a good view of the main court, but we could turn around and lean over the side and get an interesting view of the side court. This would have been Royal Gold 1000 in a Minolta with a consumer zoom lens.
  9. USTA answer: no interchangeable lenses or any pods. I then pointed out a lot of personal cameras have interchangeable lenses and turns out thats less of an issue. I'll just bring the 70-200 to avoid too many arguments
  10. I shot the Sharapova photo with Canon 40D, Canon 70-200 2.8 (non IS), 1/1600, f5.6,ISO 400 at 200mm from the lower part of the Upper Deck in Ashe Stadium (the largest tennis stadium in the world BTW)........hand held.

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