US Copyright Office Download Problems?

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by craig_gillette, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I noticed the Library of Congress has cleaned up it's site some and a lot of material which could have been downloaded in text or pdf versions is now pdf only. But I'm having trouble on both IE and Firefox getting completed downloads of the pdfs. Anybody else finding this to be an issue?
  2. Hi Craig,
    I had problems with the system from September into late October. One good option is to do your registration online, then mail in a CD with the material for registration. That way you still pay the lower registration fee.
    Look at the total size of the files and see if you are exceeding their estimate of the amount that can be sent to them in your alotted one hour timespan. IF size is not an issue then try doing the uploading at non peak hours for the East and West Coast. Say 11pm to 3am West Coast time. Just syonchronize this with the timezone you are in.
  3. @Matthew, I believe Craig is talking about LoC documents available for download, not issues with uploading files for registration.
    I have had no issues, but have only d/l the short Instructions for Registration document.
  4. Right, things like the copyright law, brochures, circulars, etc. It also means that if the download stops, you can't necessarily even read the source material.

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