UPS 2nd day air and x-rays

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by lahuasteca, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I know this has been asked before, but I need the most current information. I'm about to UPS 2nd day air
    slides for development, and they will be returned by the same method of transport. Are there any
    problems with UPS x-raying packages?. It will be clearly marked "film." I prefer UPS to USPS for mailing
    slides - easier to track the whole process.
  2. air freight is not x-rayed. air freight is carried in bomb-proof containers thus it does not need to be x-rayed for a bomb.
  3. Aaron is right, your film will be fine.
  4. The question of if and/or how much X-rays affect film will get you a dozen different answers. Personally, I have no experience with such, so cannot say.

    However, one thing you definitely can do is speak to the shipping company about exactly what sorts of inspection your package will go through on its journey. They will know better than we.

    Don't use the word bomb when asking. heh heh.

  5. Um, never heard that about freight being carried in bombproof containers.
  6. Recently made 4 flights with the same roll of Rollei R3 in the camera. No problem.
  7. one time in australia I asked for a hand check of film at the metal detector, he said sure thing, looked in the canisters, then sent it through the metal detector before I could react...i kid you not...I had half my film developed before I left, the other half was ruined by this guy
  8. I operate my studio in a small mid-west community where zero film supplies are available.
    I regularly (like every week) order 4x5 Ektachrome from the east coast for next day, or 2nd
    day delivery and in 20 years of doing this I have never had any film arrive damaged or

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