Upper Canada Village

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. At Upper Canada Village
    Minox C, Kodak Technical Pan.
  2. hi martin,nice pic,subject is very well put into frame(but then I like steam engines)...let me guess:developed in Rodinal Special?

  3. Hi iulian

    The Technical Pan film was developed in 0.5ml of Rodinal in 100ml
    of distilled water with 2% sodium sulfite.
    The grain is still coarse compare with results from Rodinal Special.

    I put out an order to buy two bottles of Rodinal Special from
    Germany, but still waiting for their reply

  4. Minox C Kodak Technical Pan 1+200 distilled water with 2% sodium sulfite anhydrous 15 minutes 20 degree C
  5. same as above
  6. martin,impressive as always...like them all,but "old carriage" is excellent!Is this taken at the available light or did you used a flash unit?Some shadows look like you using a minox 8x11 flash(the EC type).Anyway,great use of techpan and a minox camera...congratulations! regards
  7. different film,same developer
  8. iulian

    "Old carriage" was taken with Minox C, available light, no flash.

    I like your Santorini picture taken with APX25 developed with Rodinal.

    I visited Santorini a few years ago, love that resort.
  9. Stockholm, Sergels Torg.

    Riga Minox, Minopan 100
  10. svante,darn good pic you have there,considering it's a Riga involved!Congratulations indeed!Is this a negative scan,or print scan?If a neg scan,what scanner?Results are very pleasing!

  11. Thank you very much for your kind comments Iulian.

    This is a negative scan from a Minolta DSE5400 at maximum resolution scaled down from a width of 2400 pixels to 800. I use a homemade insert in the film slider when I scan 8x11mm.

    I have, as I always do also with 135 film, applied Neat Image with a calibrated profile. I have also applied a slight amount of unsharp mask in Photoshop. The end result is very similar to, but somewhat less grainy than, the print that Miniatyrfilm made for me.

    Best regards


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