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Discussion in 'Test Posting' started by Bill J Boyd, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Can not upload image from Safari....YIKES!!!! Why Not?
  2. do you still get the choose file dialog

  3. All I see is 3 boxES labeled as

    When I hit UPLOAD A FILE....nothing happens. All other functions work. And all my software is current.
  4. Any setting that blocks pop-ups? Running an ad-blocker that may interfere?
  5. Dieter...I am not running any adblockers. Have also cleared cache, rebooted MAC, and logged out and back into PN. Really strange. I can do everything on PN with Safari except load images. Frustrating. I am addicted to NO WORDS and no must use Firefox to upload files.
  6. do you have the flash based loader option enabled?

    look in Preferences under your account for something like

  7. iā€™m not sure if disabling it has any effect
  8. Norman...thanks for your help. I DON'T SEE ANY BROWSING PREFERENCES when I look in my account settings.
  9. NORMAN....You solved it. I had Flash Based Loader enabled. Thank You!

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