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  1. hi guys ,
    I am in decision to upgrade my 70d to 6d , crop sensor to full frame . I have been going through many articles on this subject which is nothing then confusing me . one think tank says 6D is the best body apar from the video shoot exercise , secondly wild life picture are better captured by 70d because of crop sensor, the image looks more closer than full frame. 70d the noise level is high and 6d noise level is low.
    other think tank says, 6D is the better choice. here budget is not the issue. confusion !!!! is the main problem. I red snapshot rating between 70d vs 6D. no doubt 6d has 84 rating vs 65 . I am drawing the conclusion that both bodies has different utility. wild life, video shoot , 70d is the best choice. night shoots, sports , portraits, 6d is better choice.
    so, both solve different purpose. but I do not want to keep both bodies. expert opinion and guide need to draw my decision . thank you
  2. Can't really give sensible advice unless you clarify how you will use the camera. What types of shooting do you do most often? How do you display your images, printed or online, and if you print, how large?
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    In addition to Dan's questions, what lenses you have will affect what you may want to use.
  4. Keep both. I have a 70D and a 6D. They are different cameras. Sometimes I'll choose the 6D, sometimes I'll choose the 70D. It all depends on what I'm shooting.
    It's like asking if a Ford F150 pickup is better than a Mazda Miata.
    If forced to have just one, I'd have a Mazda Miata and a 70D, but I don't carry direweed or make huge prints.
  5. Frankly, even if you do print, it doesn't really matter how large you do. The resolution is similar enough that it's not gonna make much difference (between the 70D and 6D) unless you have to crop dramatically.
    More important questions are Dan's and Jeff's observation (ie. what do you shoot and how? & What lens selection do you own?)
  6. It's not a matter of resolution affecting print size so much as the noise (which is more visible in larger prints) and the overall sharpness (which is a function of both resolution and contrast - both of which relate to MTF).
    All else being equal (which it never is), 6D prints will look better, especially large prints shot at higher ISO settings.
    However the reason I have is that there are times and application for which one better than the other. Neither one is "best".
  7. These two cameras have different strengths, but, for general use both are equally suitable. In good light, and ISOs up to 800 - 1600 it is hard to tell the difference in image quality. As ISO gets higher the images produced by the 6D will get better. The 6D is still giving usable images at ISO 10,000+, leaving the 70D in this contest way behind.
    The 6D also has an excellent center focus point, if you can see it it will focus on it. In such poor light the 70D is unable to achieve focus.
    These are all advantages that come with a modern FF camera.
    The 70D has a better focus engine, it will track moving objects better than the 6D. I find the 6D good for junior football, but not for birds in flight.
    The 70D is a crop camera. It removes part of the image so that the apparent focal length is 1.6 x the lens specification. This makes it great for telephoto work where a relatively inexpensive 100-400L acts like a 160-560mm lens. A similar 600mm lens costs a lot more. Since the image is smaller the EF-s lenses cost less too. This together with its focus engine make the 70D better for sports and wild life. These are the big advantages of the crop body.
    In a nutshell the 6D is about image excellence and low light, the 70D about fast moving action and wild life.
    Pick the one that best suits the main use it will be put to.
  8. Thank you guys,the forum Is
    helping me. Normally I shoot wild
    life , motorbike sport and
    landscape. Less potraits and less
    indoor. Right now I have 18mm-
    135mm EFS and second EF 70-300
    canon lens.most of my images are
    onlines sharing jpg format and
    some time in RAW .plus I do make
    videos on wild life and motor
    sports. I do use evening time to
    shoot our doors. (Eg, sunset,
    clouds,nature )

    To some extent I agree with bob &
    neill's suggestion "keep
    both",but I was thinking to sell
    70d and invest in lens. Now I
    understood both have different

    My maximum photography goes as
    still photography not many
    videos. Although love to have
    both camera but can not.
  9. I only left with 6 days to make
    final decision. The price I got
    for my 70d with EFS lens is $750.
    New 6d body is $1100 .

    shall I sell 70d and buy 6d with
    the difference of $ 650 with EF
    lens if it's good bargain.

    I shoot 5600 picture with 70d
    till now.
  10. Don't forget that your EFS lens won't work with the 6D, you'll have to replace it also.
  11. The 70D and 6D make a fine duo and I wouldn't want to give either one up.
  12. I have both 6D and 70D. Unless you shoot in the dark (which I assume you don't) , keep the 70d. You will find the focusing on the 6D frustrating after the 70d.
    Big plus with the 6D is in built GPS, for travel photography that's useful to me.
    If shallow depth of field and bokeh is important; the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 is stellar I bought my 70D with the Sig lens and its a great combination. Bokeh is as good as a 24-70 F2.8 in full frame in my opinion.
    Also the Video Focus on the 70D is excellent.

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