upgrade from 20d to 40d or 5d?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ronald_biggar, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I have a 20d now with 17-40 and 70-200 lenses. Would like an inexpensive second body. Would a clean
    40d or 5d be best?
  2. All depends on what you shoot. The 5D has by far the best image quality and high ISO performance. If you shoot wildlife and stuff with telephotos you may prefer the crop factor of the 40D.
    I've no doubt most would recommend the 5D. That would certainly be my choice and you already have the full frame lenses to go with it.
  3. I bought the 5D, but primarily because I had a 35mm perspective control lens that was essentially useless on the APS-C bodies. I had earlier bought an XTi as a backup body when I was shooting exclusively on the 20D when it was relatively new. The "rebels" (xxxD) series are much cheaper and provide as much or more pixies, but the control system feels awkward to me after shooting with the 20D and later the 5D. I confess, even though I like the APS-C format for shooting with a tele, the 5D is really a very nice camera to use.
    The 40D is a good price point, if you don't want video right now, and it is even cheaper than the 5D which has maintained price (not the same as value, mind) rather well.
  4. I agree with the 5D comments. If you want a joy of a camera, the 5D is a great one to do it. I just recently traded my 5D for a 1D II, mainly to play around with the Fast AF and shutter speeds for some sports shooting. I'm sure I will pick up a 5D again in the future!
  5. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Keeping your 20D and buying a 5D will leverage you FoV, and also the ability for a wider shooting variance. IMO, the choice is a no brainer.
  6. 5D. Trust me.
  7. Thanks guys. I needed a little push to get the 5D. I will leave my 70-200 on the 20d and get a 5d for my 17-40. Your comment are appreciated and were helpful.
  8. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    "I will leave my 70-200 on the 20d and get a 5d for my 17-40."​
    Yes; and further to the point I was making, the reverse is nice also:
    17 to 40 on the 20D and the 70 to 200 on the 5D, gives you a FoV equivalent 27 to 64 and then 70 to 200, which can be a very nice package with which to walk around.
  9. William you are RIGHT. I love my 70-200 with IS. 27 is wide enough on 20d except when my wife wants pictures of castles or the inside of churches. Thanks again you guys are great.
  10. the 5D would virtually double your lens set as each would act differently on the separate bodies. Right now you have (effectively) 27-320mm with a gap from 64-112mm. With the two different format bodies you'll have from 17-320mm with only a gap from 64-70mm. (and yes the 10mm from 17-27 is HUGE.) Whatever body you decide, I'd add a 50mm f/1.8. Those three lenses were my complete set for quite awhile and served me well. The 50 is a nice gap bridger as well as low light/portrait/bokeh lens. Of course the 40D does have some nice offerings like 6.5fps, large LCD with live view, and self cleaning sensor...if that caters more to your needs than a full frame sensor.
  11. Thanks Nathan, good analysis. Actually I do have one more lens, the 50 2.5 Macro. It is not as fast as the 1.4 or 1.8 but it is super sharp and a great lens for close ups of flowers. I can't wait to see how it will display full frame shots.
  12. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Supplementary (inexpensive) Prime Lenses for a Dual Format Kit is an very interesting topic to ponder: I have many times pondered this topic.
    The 50/1.8 is a fine inexpensive purchase and it provides a fast (effective) 50mm and 80mm.
    But thinking broader afield (and noted spending more money): the 35/2 and 85/1.8 is a very handy pair - instead of any 50mm lens.
    Addendum: We were posting at the same time.
    The fact that you have 50/2.5M makes my comment not relevant to your situation, however I shall leave it as a general comment.
  13. Another bonus is that the 5D operates just like a 20D: the menu layout is the same, etc... You're going to pick it up for the first time, and already know the camera.
  14. Ron,
    What do you shoot most of the time? I think you made the best choice by deciding to get the 5D however, that goes back to my first question. I use my 20D (with my 500mm f4) for wild life and my 5D for every thing else.
  15. Gerald, I shoot landscape, flowers and historic buildings. I have been successful in selling
    them at my local ART GUILD (not enough to pay for my hobby but my wife is happy).
    Taking a river cruise in Europe this summer and touring the national parks this fall. This is why
    I feel a second body would be helpfull.
  16. Arrghhh.... I don't like this disturbing trend of people now buying 5Dc! This will just keep the used price up! Not good for my plans to buy another 5dc as a backup just in case my original 5dc dies.
    Get the 60d! It's better. Yes. It has flip screen and video. 8D

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