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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. 28 Feb (Glenn Palm)
    Social Media buttons that toggle on/off in portfolio and photo are coming. (link)

    28 Feb (Glenn Palm)
    "write your reply" is now gone from our Rich Text Editor. (link)
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  2. 28 Feb (Glenn Palm) -- Update thread

    Progress Report as of 3/2

    Hello All - I had been updating the color coded bug report, when applicable but here is the latest from our dev team:
    • Speed Optimizations: (Continues 3/2)
    • Hidden Folders - Can be found in My Portfolio>MyLibrary - Completed.
      • My Library has also been upgraded to include the Lightbox to view your photo without having to leave MyPortfolio.
    • Tracking Comments - My Portfolio>Your Activity is updated to reflect comments made in chronological order. Completed.
    • Log In/ Log Out - (Continues 3/2)
    • Member Center - speed and presentation & sorting improvements. Update: (Continues 3/2)
    • Other Notable Updates (Live now or coming soon):
    • Live: Gallery Navigation via Lightbox Upgrade: click on any photo landing page and a our Lightbox will render the photo, notice in lower right hand corner you will see (click here to see example gallery) of a beautiful gallery with the Gallery Lightbox navigation.
    • Live: "Get Link" button added to galleries and photos.
    • Live: Photo comments EDIT (10 minute window to edit your comments)
    • Live: removal of "write your reply" from rich text editor
    • Live: Breadcrumb Navigation to Gallery photo resides in.
    • Live: Forum Screen name can be updated by user. In forums, use "quick nav" button MyAccount>Change User Name
    • Coming soon: Gallery Sort and Photo Sort Improvements.
    • Coming soon: Search within the forums is being upgraded.
    • Coming soon: Sort bar is being added to public galleries.
    • Coming soon: Option in Member Center for removal of social media sharing buttons on galleries and photos
    • Coming soon: Profile Page - upgrade (minimize/expand profile section)
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  3. 28 Feb (Glenn Palm) -- Update thread
    Recent Site Updates

    We're currently revamping our member section to consolidate functionality. Visit: http://www.photo.net/my/library to move photos to new galleries / set as profile photos even edit camera EXIF data.

    [visit (link) for several posts with instructions and explanatory screen shots]
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  4. 7 Mar (Glenn Palm) -- Update thread
    MyAccount>My Settings
    Quick Update: Member Center has a new section called MySettings, and this is the first of many updates coming. Coming soon to this section are: Social Sharing Buttons (off/on), Profile Page Layout customization, Photo background color customization
    [visit (link) for explanatory screen shot]
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  5. 9 Mar (Glenn Palm)

    paragraph break has been a thorn in our side as well - but this is expected to be fixed today (link)
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  6. 9 Mar (Glenn Palm)

    Thank you for your feedback, it is important to let us know how you feel. We are listening, just because we don't reply to all - doesn't mean they are not read. We're a relatively small team trying to build something for us all that is much more sustainable. To users that were very familiar with photo.net yes - clearly this is quite a change. There were many reasons for the change - as always there is never just one reason, but starting with the explanation here - which in and of itself is an important piece to remember - but then look beyond that - new users were not taken with v1 (ie the old photo.net) they were not uploading at the rate they were between 2000-2010, what we had was (as you described) a club like atmosphere for users that were used to the way things were done - but new users more and more were not taking to v1, leaving us with a trend we had to reverse. Now of course - we can have our differing opinions on this, but with v2 we have upgraded the photography presentation (kind of important to a photography site) and upgraded the forums to something that will have regular updates and upgrades. We have upgraded our CMS ( content management system) and have new fresh content being loaded in which we will be integrating throughout the site. Both CMS and Forum updates and upgrades won't be custom build every time these upgrades and updates are done. This new platform allows us many more possibilities the old platform did not. Yes - mobile presentation is important - look around everyone is (sadly) on their phones and as of now it is 1/3 of our traffic. The old site was not mobile friendly at all. In the end the community is the people within it and much less so the platform they operate within - but we will continue to keep improving on this new platform - we could not continue to build on the old platform - it was not sustainable given it was early 90s tech - AOL server programmed in TCL. Custom build, 1 mechanic, no parts available - no owner of photo.net would continue to invest there.
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  7. 9 Mar (Glenn Palm)

    On paragraph breaks:
    Please report back if it is not working, but Jin fixed it and we've tested and released.

    It was inconsistent, which was one of the issues but Jin seems to have solved the riddle. (link)

    [editorial comment from LR: :) ]
  8. 16 Mar (Glenn Palm)

    Update 3/16 [post describing new options now available in Account Settings]


    Show / Hide Share buttons Gallery / Profile / Photo by user preference

    Custom light dark themes to Gallery / Profile / Photo

    see (link) for screen shots explaining new functions
  9. 16 Mar (Glenn Palm)

    Will have [a new update post] soon - another release is being tested now before it's live. (link)

    Database went through an update, we will be posting scheduled outages in the future - the tech guys are often working when I am not available to post which is what happened there - we were down for ~ 15 minutes however our up time is still at 99.5% - you happened to visit in the .5%. Apologies - notices will be posted in the future. (
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