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  1. I have a subscription to the Adobe 'Photography' package which includes Lightroom and Photoshop. One of my reasons for choosing this subscription was that I'd always be using the latest versions of these apps. In Lightroom, I regularly get messages that 'an update is available' and I always click on 'update'. So I'd assumed than whenever a new release of either Photoshop or Lightroom was available, I'd get a similar message. In my case, that turned out-to be the case. I probably missed any e-mails alerts from Adobe to my old e-mail address (now updated) but I suspect that the in-app 'update' messages are for minor updates to the version of the apps that you currently use.

    I was trying to import new 'presets' as.xml files which didn't work, though this should have been possible from 2017 onwards. Checking the version, it turned out that I was still using Lightroom 2015! I then discovered that my Windows 10 Lightroom 'tile'' still linked to Lightroom 2015 and not to the later 2018 release. Yes, I should have updated the tile in 2018. But I got no message via Lightroom cc that I was not using the later version.

    I'd read somewhere about Lightroom's new 'çolor grading' feature, but even in the 2018 version, I couldn't find this. It turned out that this feature was in an Oct. 2020 version(!). How to get the 2020 version? Via the Adobe 'Creative Cloud' app which, amongst other things lists new and updated apps. But even this app also needed to be updated first!

    Eventually both Lightroom 2020 and Photoshop 2021 were listed as upgrades in the (updated) 'Creative Cloud' app. I've installed both, deleted previous versions and updated my W10 'tiles'. The automatic conversion of my Lightroom catalogs to the new version seems to be be going well.

    What's the point of this post? Just to point out that 1) 'automatic updates' may not always work as you might expect and 2) if new versions of apps are installed, you sometimes also need to make manual adjustments to your W10 'tiles' (or Mac equivalent) in order to use these.
  2. Just a flashback to a time when I was using Windows at my office. I staked myself naked at the crossroads and turned on automatic update.

    It was a flaming disaster. It didn't even work all that well in Microsoft's own universe, but updates for other Windows programs were even flakier -- several programs died altogether and Microsoft and the developers could only 'help' by blaming the other party. (as I recall, someone actually used the phrase "it's not our problem")

    My point is to keep your registration data updated when you change email or suchlike..
    secondly always wait to update after others have braved the bleeding edge.

    Incompatibilities have left me using older systems and application as long as they still work.
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  3. Yeah, I remember those days too. Thankfully, things have improved enormously. Better standardization, I guess. I'm amazed that updates generally work so easily and seamlessly. But older software that's not maintained anymore gets left behind at some point.


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