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  1. I update my personal website. I would like your opinion. Thanks
  2. Hi Omar,
    One first glance your homepage is visually appealing.
    Now, for what I perceive as problems.
    - Your homepage, it turns out, is not the "homepage" but an entry page to your site. I didn't realize this until I noticed all the links led to the same page.
    - The only items on the homepage where I knew where they would take me were the facebook & twitter icons/links. I suggest you place these icons on the homepage and not this entry page. If you can, make the entire entry page are a mapped image so anywhere you click leads you to your homepage. I also suggest placing some text telling any visitors to click the page to enter your site.
    - The copyright notice is fine but I think the font size is too large. Also, remove the link to your contact page from the copyright notice--its a copyright notice not the link to your contact page. Place your contact page link on your homepage or an "About Me" page. And label the contact page link as such ("Contact", "Contact Me", "Contact Us", etc).
    - Eliminate the downloading of flash and other files in order to view your work. Many people (especially those who don't know you) will not want to download anything from your site to their computer. That will limit the amount of exposure for those areas. Instead, embed Flash files into your own webpages so they play when you click on them.
    - Try to label (either on the page or via alternate text) all website navigational links. You want to make moving around your site as easy as possible for your visitors.
    Hope this helps.
    Mike :)
    P.S.: You have some nice shots there.

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