Update on D70 BGLOD or not BGLOD Saga

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by kuryan_thomas, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. If you're like me - and I know I am - you're waiting breathlessly to hear, "What ever happened to Obi's
    D70 that died with BGLOD symptoms and was sent to Nikon Melville for service?" Well, fans of this
    telenovela, here is an update.

    Nikon wanted $225 to repair the camera, since it was not the usual component failure, but rather a bent
    CF pin. Since I hardly used the D70 after buying a D2x, my brother said he would pay the $225, take it
    off my hands, and give it to his son whose photographic skills are quite good. So I called Nikon back and
    gave them approval and a credit card number.

    Today I logged in to the Nikon USA service site to track progress. Lo and behold, it says, "In Shop,
    Complimentary Service, No Charge/Good Will Repair."

    Lucky for my brother, eh?
  2. Almost two years ago I bought my D70. Two days later a CF pin bent. Nikon wanted $500 to replace it, $200 if they could repair the board. I took it to a professional camera place. The do not know what a digital camera is but they have the skills and tools. the bent the pin back and it works. $60 CND.
    Now I try not to take the card out.

  3. My only worry would be if the bent/bent back pin might be fatigued and break off inside a CF card full of images I need. ;)

    I suppose Obi that the proof will be on the CC statement eh? :)
  4. What's a CF pin??
  5. CF=Compact Flash
    There are little holes in the CF card and inside your camera where the card inserts are the corresponding pins that allow the camera and card to connect electronically. The OP is talking about one of those pins getting bent and thus not connecting properly to the CF card.
  6. >Complimentary Service, No Charge/Good Will Repair."

    Lucky for my brother, eh?<

    And you told your brother?!?

  7. Good for you, Obi!
  8. I have a Nikon D50 which I was advised agasinst buying because it used SD cards. What's a bent pin? Tee-hee

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