UPC Data code for Canon EOS 7D.

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  1. HI, I'm wondering how easy it is to make a fake code like the one below. I have no Idea whether to believe it or not.
  2. Very easy apparently.

    -- V
  3. "Very easy apparently. "

    Yup, But the barcode was found in the UPC database , Where most EOS dslr barcodes ( correct me if I'm wrong) are regestered. I not really sure.
  4. The 5D is about 2 years old, is it not? Isn't it about time for a 7D?
  5. What could we expect of it? Would the mirror adopt the same system as the D40? Sensor size?
  6. Anybody can submit a bar code to that site. It's just like posting to a forum. You could do it. Generating bar codes is trivial.
  7. I doubt if the new camera will be called the 7D. I'd say it's between the 5DMk2 and the 3D - probably the former.

    To me, the name 7D has undertones of Minolta Dynax.

  8. My first thought was that of Guy. Calling it a 7D does not seem to fit Canons marketing. If you look at the recent history of their DSLRs. I would bet 5D MkII when you think of the success of the original 5D. 3D would be a good bet too if they really ramp up the performance(FPS and such), but I don't think it is geared or marketed for that. But who really knows. Its all guess work from here.

  9. The Elan 7E was called the EOS 7 in Japan. The 40D is basically the DSLR equivalent. If any
    DSLR should be called the 7D, the 40D would have made a jim-dandy Elan Digital or EOS 7D.
  10. If I recall correctly, shortly after the UPC code for the 40D appeared on that site, the 40D hit the market.

    I strongly suspect the 7D will be the name of the 5D replacement.

    I'm seeing recent and significant drops in price for the 5D body through Amazon.com and its affiliate sellers. Amazon shows $2329.00 for the 5D body via 17th Street Photo. These drops in price could signify a replacement is eminent. I saw a statement from a Canon rep, on-line, which seemed to indicate another Canon DSLR body announcement, before year end, is not out of the question. I'm optimistic!

    A healthy rebate on the 5D might be enough to make me spring for it, if a 7D is not announced soon.
  11. Check this out...


    Looks like Canon 5D Mk II was registered ("modified") Oct. 3, 1007. Although I doubt it's a Procter Gamble product, as is indicated!

    There are also Canon 70D and EOS 320D, both UPC codes were "modified" (created?) in August, 2007.

    Regarding these and 7D, Canon could well have simply reserved the barcode designation for a possible future model, with no immediate plans to employ it.

    IMHO there's room for at least one more model in Canon's D-SLR lineup. They really need to offer a pro-targeted 1.6X camera. Something like a 40D with some modifications would do the trick (for example: no built-in flash, 100% viewfinder, slightly higher frame rate and bigger image buffer, killer AF system with more points, etc.).

    Maybe that's what they have in mind eventually. Sort of an EOS3 of D-SLRs. On the other hand, maybe they'd call that a "3D".
  12. Actually I doubt Canon registered anything with that website. It's an open database anyone can post to. It's not an official keeper of UPC codes. My guess is even the real Canon stuff is probably uploaded by 3rd parties.

    I don't think Canon would be dumb enough to upload data on unannounced products to an unofficial public database.

    "Welcome to the Internet UPC Database! This free service is run as a hobby of mine. The information indexed here seems to be of use to many people for a variety of reasons.....This site continues to be useful because people continue to contribute data. Please help keep that up. Every entry counts...."
  13. Canon did it. They anonymously post multiple UPC codes and then call the next camera according to whatever name generated more gossip.

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