Unusual wavy coloured lines on clothes

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    Hi all,
    I did a studio recently did a studio, and upon zooming in I noticed these unusual wavy lines on the model's clothes.
    Could anyone enlighten me on how to remove these lines? Is it a camera and/or strobe problem?
  2. That is a classic moiré, which results from interference between the fine patter of the textile and the pattern of the grid of pixels on your camera's sensor. It's also possible to see it on your computer display even when it's not present in the captured image, based on how you happen to re-size or display the image. Countless articles online about how to deal with it... both at the time you shoot, and in post.

    If the pattern is being captured by the camera (rather than being created because of how you're working with or displaying the image), you certainly want to use what methods you can to avoid it during capture - no post production method of removing it is perfect. But there are strategies. Throwing a dart at Google, here's a discussion:

  3. WOW! thanks a lot. worked like a charm!
  4. Excellent! Glad that was helpful.
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    Gup Gup

    Just curious Bjorn, which camera were you using?

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