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    At least for some...others have the flip side.
    DSC_5814 (1000x665).jpg
  2. Haven't seen this for a few years.
    Carmel 21e_Ocean Avenue_5.jpg
  3. at least a dozen years that it did not snow in Madrid
    0004a Quitando Nieve Nevando-LeicaC.jpg Leica C
  4. Bik9_web0.jpg
    Stick and snow fun
  5. Once common, but now becoming extinct
  6. result of high water on the Mississippi 20170528_1770.jpg
  7. I'm sure these fellers are common to a lot of you but here in the UK Midlands they are an Unusual Phenomenon.
    RedEaredSlider_C0818-262 (1 of 1).jpg
  8. Reflection in the Chicago bean
  9. spaceX 1 m.jpg
    Space-X launch and Milky Way, October 7, 2018
  10. Around here there are many motorcycles, especially Harleys. But it's unusual to see an old one being ridden out.

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