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  1. Im wanting an inexpensive solution.. looking to print flyers to hand out at public events..maybe something that folds, something different anyone seen any good companies offering this pls
  2. Try this: Go around your home/office and find three flyers for professional services other than food delivery that you have kept....find two even! One? The closest thing I found was a card from the dentist office for my next appointment.

    I went to a trade show this past spring, the kind of thing where companies hand out media and show their products, try and get you to buy into something. Most booths had a contest for a cheap prize so they can collect numbers and email addresses..pretty normal stuff. Anyways people always leave these places with a plastic bag full of flyers, pens, notepads, business cards, samples. I keep pens and notepads because I'm cheap. People still tend to keep business cards, most often I don't. The first thing people throw in the trash is flyers. Always. Food take out menus being the only exception.

    So before you put your advertising into flyers, consider the effectiveness of the platform. Your facebook group or company website is your modern flyer. You can change the content at a whim, collect data on who is actually interested in your content and you can actually engage your clients. For pretty much free. Everything you do for offline advertising should be directing people to your online presence where you have control and can actively engage your clients day to day, month to month.

    If your going to hand someone something as a hand out, make it something that 1) they aren't going to throw out and 2) that directs them towards your online presence where you can engage potential clients better. It's cheaper, it's less work, and it's more effective.

    On the back of my phone case is a reusable sticker phone screen cleaning wipe, with the website address of a company on it from that last trade show. It's worn but I use it every day. Google: phone screen wipe advertising. Neat product. You'll find several companies online that will put your logo and facebook on something like that that you can give out to people for advertising. If that doesn't float your boat there are tons of other cheap options out there that will get your business exposure and not get thrown in the trash the same day you hand it out.

    Unless what your selling has pepperoni and cheese, flyers suck.
  3. I have to agree -- strongly -- with B-Whillans. I help develop promotional materials for non-profit nature and outdoor education programs. Over the past couple of years we're moved away from flyers because...well, they have proven ineffective. People rarely read the text and often toss the flyer within minutes of receipt. As a promotional tool, flyers are simply a no-go, at least in my experience.
  4. I used postcards for promotional mailings. I had them printed by these guys. The prices were reasonable, the service fast, and the quality excellent. They also do business cards, brochures, and posters.

    You have to design them yourself however.
  5. I received a large trifold flyer in the mail this week for a trade show in my industry. I signed up for the show as a direct result of the flyer. Then I threw it away, it having fulfilled its intended purpose.
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    I make pocket sized photo prints with the info superimposed. Size varies based on info space needed, but never larger than will fit a shirt pocket. Used a similar thing in effectively in business.
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  7. I received a large trifold flyer in the mail this week for a trade show in my industry.

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