Untethered Shooting via ATG device?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by huygens, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Anyone out here ever heard of ATG?
    I've been looking for a wireless/untethered setup for my 40D and see on both BobAtkins.com and flickr references to
    an ATG untethered device, but no website or other information. Google searches don't show much other than these
    links. Just curious if anyone has had any experience or real knowledge of the company or its products.


  2. As far as I can tell, it was nothing but spam for a scam, no product...
  3. Kinda what I thought as well.
  4. There are a few wireless solutions out there that do various differen things, I guess the first question is, what are your untethered shooting objectives?
    Larger preview:
    File transfer:
    I'm sure there's others but that's a quick short list.
  5. Will,
    My main objective is to do away with the cable that runs form my 40d to my pc, utilizing the DSLR Remote app from Breezesys. I've seen the Canon WFT devices- a bit pricy, and admittedly, the reason I've not gone this route yet.

    Benson's wireless monitor looks interesting at less than half the cost of the Canon solution, but I'm probably gonna bite the bullet & order the Canon device.
    Zulke is het leven.

    Thanks much for the input!
  6. Unfortunately the Eye-Fi is only available as a SD card but I've heard people using them with a SD to CF adapter, although this is not endorsed by the company. Also I don't know about the Canon WFT but I believe the Eye-Fi can not be connected directly to a computer created wi-fi network, it needs a wireless router.

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